Activist Stan Swamy, 83, gets a sipper in prison after almost a month of straw

Activist Stan Swamy, 83, gets a sipper in prison after almost a month of straw

Stan Swamy had to file a request to send the prison authorities to give him a straw, sipper


Stan Swamy, the 83-year-old tribal rights activist who suffers from Parkinson’s disease and was arrested last month for his alleged involvement in the Bhima-Koregaon case, has been given a straw and a sipper by Taloja prison authorities, PTI news agency reported. lawyer said today.

For more than four weeks, Mr. Swamy asked for a sipper and straw mentioning Parkison’s disease, a debilitating condition of the central nervous system that can cause involuntary tremors or muscle spasms, making even everyday activities, such as drinking, difficult. Some patients also have problems swallowing or chewing.

He has filed three new applications today in a special court in Mumbai, seeking an instruction to the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to return the bag he had confiscated in his arrest, a cloned copy of his hard drive and an instruction not to. transfer him from Taloja prison.

Mr. Swamy’s lawyer told the special court that he has been given a straw and a sipper, PTI reported.

In a 473-word press release divided into 10 points, the agency said on Sunday that it had never confiscated Mr Swamy’s straw and sipper during his arrest nearly two months ago. “NIA had conducted its personal search in the presence of independent witnesses and no straw and sipper were found,” he said.

The special court said today that it would consider the three new applications filed by Mr Swamy on December 10.

On Sunday, prison officials told PTI that they were providing a sipper and other facilities to Mr Swamy. “Not just sipper and straw, we also provide him with other facilities such as a wheelchair, walking stick, walker, and two servants were also provided to him,” an official had said.


In his initial application, Mr. Swamy, who has now been in Maharashtra’s Taloja Central Jail for nearly two months, said, “I can’t hold a glass because my hands are shaky due to Parkinson’s.”

Late last month, a special NIA court rejected Mr. Swamy’s bail application filed on medical grounds, stating that the eighty-year-old had been booked under the strict UAPA (Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act) and therefore no bail was allowed.

The Bhima-Koregaon case concerns the violence that broke out near a war memorial in the village of that name on January 1, 2018. This was reportedly after provocative speeches were made at the Elgar Parishad conclave that took place a day earlier in Shaniwarwada, Pune. was held. .

The NIA alleges that Mr. Swamy is linked to CPI (Maoist) activities and played a role in inciting violence.

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