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EC can consider poll complaints against PM Modi today

NEW DELHI: During the full committee meeting on Tuesday, almost three to four weeks after the incidents, the election committee will take up complaints about violation of the poll codes against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It will also file complaints against BJP chief Amit Shah and Congress Chair Rahul Gandhi.
TOI had for the first time reported on April 26 that the PV panel was likely to record pending complaints against the Prime Minister at its meeting on April 30.

Sources said the pending complaints against Modi relate to his speech in Wardha on April 1, which Congress had approached the EC claiming it was "divisions," as well as his call to the first voters in Latur on April 9 to cast their vote bring in favor of the Pulwama martyrs and soldiers behind the Balakot air strikes.
A CPM complaint against the Prime Minister's comments at a meeting in Tamil Nadu on April 13 that criticizes the Left, Congress and Muslim League in the context of the Sabarimala line can also be included.
The agenda for the full committee meeting on Tuesday also includes 11 complaints against Rahul, including one about his & # 39; chowkidar & # 39; comments and allegations of corruption in the Rafale deal, including the preference for Anil Ambani, made during campaign speeches. Sources indicated that the EC should not decide on complaints regarding the Rafale remarks of the President of Congress in view of a petition from BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi to the Supreme Court.
The committee can also file a complaint against Shah's referral to the army during a campaign speech in Krishna Nagar, West Bengal, last week.
The EC issued an opinion last month asking the parties to refrain from involving the armed forces in their election campaigns. "Parties / candidates are reminded that, as part of their election campaign, their campaigners / candidates must stop submitting to political propaganda with activities of defense forces," the commission said on March 19.
The lack of action by the EC to date on complaints pending against the Premier had led the opposition to claim that the polling station had dragged its feet over violations of Model Code of Conduct (MCC) involving Modi. While the media have continually questioned the EC during ballot box briefings, officials have quickly provided explanations describing procedural issues.
During the post-polling briefing on April 18, EC officials said the full copy of the Prime Minister's speech in Latur had not been shared by the district election officer as required. A similar problem was raised with regard to Modi & # 39; s controversial remarks during a campaign speech in Theni, Tamil Nadu, on April 13.
On April 23, during a press conference on the third phase of the polling, the EC again faced questions about the undecided complaints against the prime minister. At that time, the committee confirmed that the full extracts of the Prime Minister's speeches had arrived on April 14 and 16 from the relevant district commissioners. However, they were pending because the EC apparatus was busy conducting the elections.
An EC official explained that complaints had to be legally investigated and assessed with regard to election laws and model code provisions. "It's not like no action is being taken," he had said.
Redressal has also gone much faster for MCC complaints against others, including UP CM Yogi Adityanath, BSP leader Mayawati, SP & # 39; s Azam Khan, WCD minister Maneka Gandhi and congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu. All of these leaders were barred from campaigning for 48-72 hours within a few days of the violations coming to light. Mayawati had even accused the public prosecutor of having banned her without waiting for her answer to the demonstration announcement.
The delay has seen the former CEC S Y Quraishi in a Twitter message in which the poll was accused of repeatedly forgetting model code violations by the PM.


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