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Hardik Pandyamonium: Rear foot outside, powerful swing … another six past deep mid-wicket

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It took 11 years for someone to take over that technique and consistently put it out – Hardik Pandya is the man who sees the imagination of Martin Crowe. (AP Photo)

That was the violence that Hardik Pandya released during his 34-ball 91 in the Eden Gardens on Sunday night, that the all-rounder even managed to darken Andre Russell, perhaps the most impactful player of IPL 12. Simply put, the 25-year old is have been in manic batting form for the Mumbai Indians, especially in the death overs, where they have turned bowlers into submission. Hardik has so far caught up with 355 runs with a strike rate of 198.32. His strike rate, however, swells to a barely credible 235 towards the start of the innings. His dominant stroke has turned him into an irresistible finisher. What is striking about his batsmanship during this tense, hectic playing period is his ability to smoke six at will. On average, he is in control once in every 3.7 deliveries. There are some compelling reasons that underline Hardik & # 39; s warlikeness.

Open attitude

During the first IPL, Martin Crowe wondered how long it would take before we saw a batsman park outside the tree stump and swam away in T20 games. "That's how I would play for someone like Glenn McGrath – his strength is that walk outside the tree stump and this move will take that away from him. If he walks to the middle or to the tree stump, good luck to him (or another bowler) ), it is my strength and I can swing away. "

It took 11 years for someone to take over technology and consistently abolish it – Hardik Pandya is the man who sees Crowe's imagination.

Hardik Pandya's attitude helps him bring his favorite deep mid-wicket region into play. As can be seen in the wagon wheel, Pandya hit five sixes in the region against Kolkata. Thus & # 39; n unorthodox list pushes its wagon wheel slightly forward, because Hardik barely scores anything in the arc between deep coverage and deep square leg. (BCCI)

Pandya takes an open attitude, but does a little more with it, which makes him stand out. He moves his back foot to the outside of the tree stump, especially to the sailors at the end of the bow, withdraws into the fold and waits. With bent knees, bent wrists, bat raised like a scimitar – ready to fend off and whipping. Maybe it's good that it's an Indian – or someone with flexible wrists – to stop this. The destruction that he produces on the leg side requires an enormous amount of wrist work to reject the complete deliveries on the stumps. A batsman, more poor than wrists, may have difficulty removing them as effectively as Pandya does with those helicopter shots and pickup hits.

Hardik open attitude helps him to bring his favorite deep mid-wicket region into play. This was a productive area for him on Sunday when he scored 38 points in that region, including five of his nine sixes. He generally drilled 72 of his 91 points on the side during his knock in Kolkata. Perhaps Hardik was also supported by the fact that KKR bowlers such as Chawla and pacifist Harry Gurney chose from near the wicket. Aside from targeting the cow corner, there were also some outrageous flick shots, which were strung by square leg. Thus & # 39; n unorthodox list pushes its wagon wheel slightly downwards, because Hardik hardly scores anything in the arc between deep coverage and deep square leg.

More than anything, it is his disdain to trade in the currencies of those and the two who exclude this area as a viable scoring opportunity. Apart from that, he has rarely shown a tendency to play those cute disaster shots, instead of using his sinewy forearms to shoot bowlers straight into the ground. This was not only a trend against Kolkata, but in almost all matches where he has been put forward this season. Even during his match-changing unbeaten 16-ball 37 against Royal Challengers Bangalore, the lone six blocked by the run area, the rest of his runs came through the leg. Hardik & # 39; s only scoring scenes along the offside in both games came through the long time, further driving the feeling of his talent to take on bowlers with a straight bat.

Caribbean swagger

Hardik & # 39; s batting style has the swagger of some of today's Caribbean marauders, such as Russell and Keiron Pollard. Like Hardik, they rarely resort to such fireworks that pick them up behind the wicket. Instead, they prefer to play even a few point balls, even if they support their physique to clear the fence.

Hardik's hits cannot be attributed solely to his main character. At the core there has also been some innovation, such as the way he uses the depth of the fold to disrupt the length and rhythm of bowlers, especially the pacers. Hardik has shown a tendency to retreat into the fold, allowing him to convert complete tosses to rank half-volys. Not only Hardik, even a 17-year-old Riyan Parag has used this trick for the Rajasthan Royals. However, this proved to be counterproductive for Parag, who was out-wicket during a match against Kolkata Knight Riders last week. But Hardik has been a completely different beast, with a keen awareness of his stumps.

How to get him …

This brings us to the question: do bowlers have a chance against him? Sometimes bowlers have resorted to the short delivery focused on his throat. Even here the returns have been quite lukewarm if Hardik is good with the hook and the pull. Despite his successes in throwing the length of pacers, the yorker remains a credible option. In that sense, Kagiso Rabada has had the wood over it lately. Although Rabada has fired Hardik only once, the latter has a reasonably average success rate of 121 in death against the fast bowler from Protea. So far, Joffra Archer and Andrew Tye are the only bowlers who have fired Hardik more than once in the deceased. Aside from the yorkers, these bowlers are also skilled users of a multitude of slower deliveries, such as the knuckle ball. This is something franchisees can look forward to if they include Hardik in their upcoming duels.

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