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Mamata claims that the EC is acting at the request of Modi after Kolkata violence, calling it & # 39; Emergency & # 39;

Lok Sabha election 2019 Latest updates: Mamata Banerjee attacked the BJP and the election committee because of the crackdown by the poll panel after the Kolkata violence. "This is an emergency situation caused by the EC decision … It is not an EC decision, it is a BJP decision. Modi is afraid of me and afraid of the Bengali population.

During a press conference on Thursday, the election committee announced the end of the campaign in West Bengal because of the violence at a road show in Kolkata. The election committee condemned the Kolkata violence and said at a press conference that it was "deeply tormented by the vandalism of the image of Vidyasagar". "It is hoped that the vandals will be traced by the government," it said.

A BJP delegation met with Vice President Venkaiah Naidu about the violence at the Amit Shah roadshow in Kolkata. After the meeting, Prakash Javadekar said, "The protection of Rajya Sabha members is the responsibility of the house and the president. We have submitted a memorandum to the vice-president and demanded that a report be sought and appropriate action taken."

During his demonstration in Diamond Harbor, Narendra Modi accused TMC of facilitating state violence. "We are confronted with stones, our employees are hanged, we tolerate all this just to save Bengal," he said.

In the strong Trinamool Congress show, Mamata Banerjee holds a roadshow a day after the violence has committed the roadshow of BJP chief Amit Shah. Earlier the TMC presented the election committee with a & # 39; video proof & # 39; about the involvement of BJP in the Kolkata violence. To reporters, Derek O & # 39; Brien said: "Modi is coming to Bengal and calling her (Mamata Banerjee) a fast-shooter. I agree with him, she was a quick break for him in 2014. Again this time (she's a) speed -breaker because you will not be a prime minister. "

In the midst of a fight over the arrest of BJP activist Priyanka Sharma for sharing a meme on Mamata Banerjee, Narendra Modi lured to TMC chief in Basirhat and asked why Mamata took offense at the meme. "Didi, I was told that you are an artist and a painter, why are you offended by a photo," he asked.

In the midst of a fight over the arrest of BJP activist Priyanka Sharma for sharing a meme on Mamata Banerjee, Narendra Modi provoked the head of TMC in Basirhat. & # 39; Didi, the girls you put in jail will now teach you a lesson, & # 39; he said.

He also asked why Mamata took offense at the meme that Priyanka shared. "Didi I was told that you are an artist and a painter, why are you offended by a photo."

Narendra Modi said in Basirhat: "The whole country saw the images from Kolkata on Tuesday, Didi is afraid of the obvious BJP wave in West Bengal and the level is visible in the situation. Two days ago she said that she will take revenge and within 24 hours of her comments Amit Shah was focused during the roadshow, there was an attempt to scare the BJP during his roadshow. "

One day after violent clashes, Kolkata rocked during Amit Shah & # 39; s roadshow, Congress tweeted: "Nothing is sacred and nothing is safe under the anti-democratic leadership of BJP. to boost, BJP once again proves that violence is always their preferred choice.

Uttar Pradesh Prime Minister Yogi Adityanath spoke with a meeting in Barasat, West Bengal. Adityanath picked up a common sensitive subject and said, "Durga Puja and Muharram fell on the same day throughout the country." In UP, officials asked me, do we have to change the timing of the puja? I said, the timing of the puja will not be changed, if you want to change the timing, change the timing of the Muharram procession. "

Rahul Gandhi said during a demonstration in Faridkot, Punjab, that Narendra Modi spotted Manmohan Singh while he was prime minister, but now when he is in power, our former prime minister never spokes him. Instead, the whole nation is mocking him.

TMC leader Derek O & # 39; Brien has released two videos & # 39; s claiming to have shown the damaged statue of the polystyrus Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar "BJP goons".

TMC said it had another 44 of such videos to prove that the BJP took aliens to campaign in Bengal and broke the true character of Bengal by breaking the Vidyasagar image.

"Today is the saddest press conference we have held … the saddest thing for all of us to see the streets of Kolkata … there is anger and there is a shock. The president of the BJP does what he does with his men, who he hired from outside Bengal. "What happened yesterday hurt the ethos of Bengal, says Derek O & # 39; Brien."

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said: "Congress cannot say they have lost elections because of & # 39; dar & # 39 ;, it would be against the rules of the dynasty. Therefore, after the 5th phase there are 2 of the closest & # 39 ; darbaari & # 39; of the & # 39; naamdar & # 39; family just started beating. "

Mosi said that the victory of the BJP is now certain, because even Congress has begun preparations for the defeat. The congress holds marathon sessions to look for suitable scapegoats because it is against the basic principles of dynasticism to blame the guilty name there for a defeat. Now those who have made anti-Sikh comments and abused me to take the blame.

In his first reaction after the Kolkata violence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said CNN News18 that the Mamata Banerjee government for the incident. He says that there have been reports of violence from West Bengal through these elections. According to the prime minister, the prime minister says that even polls in Jammu and Kashmir are more peaceful than this.

BSP President Mayawati on Wednesday claimed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's legacy as the Gujarat Prime Minister is a black spot for himself and the BJP, as well as a tax on the common history of the country. Mayawati claimed that the prime minister had crossed all limits of decency by calling the Bahujan Samaj party her personal possession.

Following reports that one of Yogi Adityanath & # 39; s rally had to be canceled due to alleged vandalism by TMC executives, new reports have now claimed that Amit Shah has ordered UP Chief Minister to continue and hold all of the rally & # 39; s.

BJP sources have said that one of the three Kolkata rallies that were scheduled to be addressed by Yogi Adityanath today had to be canceled because MC cadres have reportedly destroyed the stage. The BJP also told News18 that the organizers of the demonstration were also beaten up by TMC cadre because they agreed to help arrange a BJP event.

BJP Youth Wing Convenor Priyanka Sharma at BJP office after being released from Alipore Correctional Home.

BJP national president Amit Shah said: "Our popularity in Kolkata and Bengal has given Mamata didi the jitters, that is why she has resorted to extreme measures. "Shah said that when his party lost 60 cadres of political violence in the state, an attack on him was not unexpected. He said," If it wasn't for the CRPF team deployed in my securoty, I might not be alive have returned from the violence. "

& # 39; BJP crosses majority against 5th phase, grabs more than 300 seats to end polls & # 39 ;, Bharatiya janata Party national president Amit Shah predicts

BJP national president Amit Shah addresses a press conference at the party's headquarters in New Delhi. Addressing the issue of clashes between the ABVP and TMCP on Tuesday, he says, "There have been no cases of violence anywhere else except in West Bengal."

The Supreme Court made a strong exception on Wednesday to the fact that BJP worker Priyanka Sharma was still in prison, despite the SC order yesterday clearly stating that she would be released.

Tuesday's poll violence in Kolkata has triggered political protests on a large scale, with both TMC and BJP blaming each other for the skirmishes. While the Bharatiya Janata Party protests against Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, TMC cadre took the streets in Howrah; Meanwhile, left-wing workers are protesting against the destruction of the bust of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar at a university in Kolkata.

The Bharatiya Janata party has said it will "hold a national protest against the cowardly attack on the BJP national president's roadshow in Kolkata." The sit-in protest starts today at 10.30 am.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi canceled his election rally in Alwar after reports that the weather in the city is expected to deteriorate. Rahul was scheduled to hold a public meeting in the city. He was also scheduled to visit the survivor of the Alwar gang walk who was sexually assaulted on April 26 for her husband.

With only three days left to campaign for the final leg of the Lok Sabha election on 19 May, the countdown to the final has begun quite literally. After yesterday's violence in Kolkata, Amit Shah will address the media at 10 am.

On the third final day of campaigning for the 2019 Lok Sabha election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be engaged in rallies in Paliganj in Bihar, Deoghar in Jharkhand and Basirhat and Diamond Harbor in West Bengal. On Tuesday, while calling himself a & # 39; Kashi & # 39; calls vasei& # 39; (resident of Varanasi), Modi gave a & # 39; emotional message to Varanasi, emphasizing his association and attachment to the old city and encouraging people to vote in large numbers.

While Modi gave a special message to the people of Varanasi, the Congress Party also announced the & # 39; arrival & # 39; from his general secretary Priyanka Gandhi in Varanasi. There was a lot of speculation this year about Priyanka & # 39; s candidacy. There were several reports claiming that the leadership of East Uttar Pradesh will fight against the Prime Minister, but Priyanka later clarified that there was no decision about her dispute. "If my party asks me to contest the polls, I will certainly, but my personal wish is to work for the organization of the party, because a lot of work still needs to be done," the congress leader had told reporters. said.

Congress chose to operate on Ajay Rai.

Modi also addresses rally & # 39; s in Basirhat and Diamond Harbor in West Bengal, a day after violent clashes took place in West Bengal after BJP and TMC supporters fought battles in the streets of Kolkata during a massive road show by BJP- chief Amit Shah. The BJP president escaped unharmed, but was forced to shorten the jamboree and had to be escorted by the police. The Modi demonstrations will be closely monitored as the Prime Minister is expected to launch a fierce attack on Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee and her party for uncontrolled violence during Amit Shah & # 39; s roadshow.

On Tuesday, parts of Kolkata crashed into a maze of violence when Shah's convoy with stones was attacked by alleged TMC supporters from the hostel at Vidyasagar College, leading to a clash between supporters of the two parties, officials said. Furious BJP supporters took revenge and were seen exchanging blows with their TMC rivals outside the college entrance.

Several motorcycles that were parked outside were destroyed and put on fire. Shards of broken glass strewn in the lobby of the college, where a bust of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, a well-known philosopher and a key figure from the Bengali Renaissance, was forged into horror elements. Police personnel were seen trying to put out the fire with buckets filled with water.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi is expected to visit Rajasthan and Punjab, and will deal with rallies in Alwar, Faridkot and Ludhiana.

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