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It looks like at least one PS4 copy of it Cyberpunk 2077 is a bit early in the hands of someone. That person decided to stream about 20 minutes of the game, showing some of the opening portion in the game’s “Nomad” life path.

Yesterday, rumors started popping up online that some store copies of Cyberpunk 2077 may have been leaked early. Then late last night, someone briefly streamed a copy of the game and appeared to be playing it on the original PS4. The stream didn’t take long, about 20 minutes or so, but people were able to record and re-upload the stream on sites like ResetEra.

We won’t be posting the leaked video or screenshots here, but a quick Google or Twitter search can get you to the footage. I watched it and it was not very exciting. We’ve seen this part of the game before so there’s nothing new to learn about what that part looks like. But for PS4 owners who plan to play Cyberpunk 2077 on Sony’s original last-generation machine, this could be your first good look at the game running on that console.

Of course, keep in mind that any leaked footage you see of the game right now won’t have day-one patches that can fix issues like graphics glitches, text size, etc.

So consider this a PSA: if you’re concerned Cyberpunk 2077 spoilers, you may have to be careful while you wait for the game’s official release on December 10th. On the other hand, with the game literally shipping to warehouses and retailers, this seems unlikely postponed again.

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