2 men claim responsibility for attack on the JNU student leader on Facebook

The police are looking for the two men that can be seen in the video that was uploaded on Facebook yesterday.

New Delhi:

In a video uploaded on social media, two men claimed responsibility for attacking YNU student leader Umar Khalid in an upmarket district in Delhi on Monday and said they would the police will surrender.

The police are looking for the two men who were shown in the video that was uploaded on Facebook yesterday.

In the video, the two men, who identified themselves as Darwesh Shahpur and Naveen Dalal, claimed that the attack was an "Independence Day gift" to Indians.

The police verify the authenticity of the video and try to trace the IP address from where it was uploaded.

"We respect our constitution, but there is no provision in our constitution to punish insane dogs." With crazy dogs we mean the JNU gang that makes the country weaker and their number increases. "Our elders in Haryana have taught us that people have to be taught a lesson," Shahpur said in the video message.

The duo asked the police not to bother anyone and said that they would surrender to the village Sikh revolutionary Kartar Singh Sarabha on 17 August.

They said: they attacked Umar Khalid for their country.

The police contacted their counterparts in Punjab and Haryana to trace the two men.

Umar Khalid was attacked Monday when he was on his way to participate in an event at the Constitution Club after a cup of tea at a store outside the venue. However, he escaped unharmedness.

On Tuesday, the Delhi Police handed over the case to his special cell, which is already investigating an uproar against Khalid and two other JNU students.

The police had said they had not "suggested" about the event on Monday in which Umar Khalid participated.

A policeman, known from the probe, said the police had seized the weapon and a preliminary forensic investigation suggested that the gun was jammed when it was used against Umar Khalid.

He said they still had to check if shots were fired because no empty patterns were found at that time.

A case of attempted murder was recorded by the police.

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