Banker attacked in the parking lot of the office, body not detected Mumbai News

MUMBAI: Missing Executive Director of HDFC Bank Siddharth Sanghavi (39) may have been attacked on Wednesday night in the parking lot on the fifth floor of the Lower Parel building with a blunt object, according to sources in the research team. His phone was later switched off at 9.30 pm and the next day his car was left outside a construction site in Koparkhairane in Navi Mumbai.

Researchers took the worker, Shaikh, to identify the spot where he claimed to have dumped the body. Although a source close to the TOI family said that the body was found in the vicinity of Haji Malang in Kalyan and brought to Mumbai by the police, Tushar Doshi, Navi Mumbai DCP (crime), said that Shaikh had not revealed where he was. the body. Sanghavi & # 39; s frightened relatives were seen at the police station, waiting for more information about him.


The police had asked them to go home and say that they would be called when the body arrived. Talking about the young banker, a friend of the family said: "He was the most innocent and gentle person.He was a family man and never visited clubs or gymkhanas.Its only love was watching cricket.Sometimes he played cricket with his son in the construction complex. "Doshi claimed that they had attacked him in the office of the office, unused technical expertise to hold Shaikh." He has revealed incriminating things about the matter. Shaikh has claimed that he did not kill the bank official but only removed his body. He has not revealed where he dumped the body.

Because a missing complaint was investigated, in order to certify his claims, a real FIR must be registered for murder. On the basis of his oral statement he was handed over to the Mumbai police for further investigation, "he said Senior inspector Jagdish Kulkarni of the Navi Mumbai crime industry said:" Shaikh, who comes from UP and lives in Koparkhairane, was round about on Sunday 10.30 hours in Belapur area detained. He previously worked as a processor and at the moment he is unemployed. "Kulkarni added:" We were informally helpful to the probe when the missing person's car with blood stains was found in Koparkhairane. Through technical research, we identified a person who had seen Shaikh park the car on the road at Shanti Heights in sector 11, Koparkhairane on the 6th of September around 12.45.

The informant later gave a tip that Shaikh would visit a place in Belapur. Then he was arrested. "After the Jos Joshi Marg police had received Shaykh, it began to interrogate him and later hold four more persons, including a woman.It is still not clear how a contract worker from Koparkhairane came into contact with the alleged murderers. has given evasive answers and changed his statements.

The police were taut about how much money had been paid to Shaikh to dump the body. After dumping the body in the vicinity of Kalyan, Shaikh went in the car to Koparkhairane where he lived and parked it outside a building before he fled from there. On Friday, the police had collected the blood samples from his parents to perform a DNA test for comparison with the stains on the back seat. Sources said they are still waiting for the DNA test result. They also try to find out if the fingerprints on the car correspond with one of the people being questioned.
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