Bengaluru citizens experience tensions; not an earthquake, he says officially

<img class = "size-full wp-image-1282931" src = "" alt = "Some people have noticed that the windows and the doors plunged for no other reason.The mild tremor with a similar light in the parts of Bengaluru sent residents to several areas of tizzy today Residents who were disturbed fled from their home in fear of amazement earthquake on the sand. GS Srinivasa Reddy, the head of the State National Center for Natural Disaster Control in Karnataka (KSNDMC), excluded the earthquake. "Our records show that it was not a quake but a move. There is a dynamic system of our country, "Reddy told PTI.While this was a phenomenon that was observed in many places, he felt much more intense in the southern part of Bengaluru, some people noticed that the windows and the doors were undermined for no reason, said the resident, was astonished when the window and door of her house were wildly swirling.Y. Vasundhara, a resident of South Bengaluru, said that at home he heard a tremendous drift around 15:05. "At first I felt it was a thunder but then I noticed that the sunshine was outside. I fled from the house and looked into the sky, but it was clear. Later, my friends who went out and told me that it was anearthquake. Domestic S Sandhya also shared a similar experience. And she felt she was shaking as she heard the rising sound. "I realized that it was only after watching television," Sandy said.

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