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The CBI arrested Friday an intermediary for allegedly accepting bribes of Rs 10 lakh on behalf of a police inspector-general posted in Ferozepur.

The action was taken on the complaint of a retired SSP, vigilance agency, Patiala. The intermediary, identified as Ashok Goyal, a businessman from Ludhiana, was caught accepting the bribe on behalf of Gurinder Dhillon, Ferozepur Range IG, a spokesman for the CBI said.

The research firm also conducted searches in Dhillon's house in Patiala and his official residence in Ferozepur after Goyal had mentioned him during the interrogation. The CBI also questioned Dhillon.

"It was alleged that the complainant, the former SSP Shiv Kumar Sharma, was wrongly involved in a case that was registered against him, for which an SIT was formed by the Ferozepur IG. Furthermore, the SIT was claimed to be the home of the complainant had searched and seized certain documents and articles, "said a CBI spokesperson.

He said that it was also claimed that kickbacks were demanded from the complainant for watering down the case and for returning the seized documents and articles.

In obtaining information about the planned transaction, the office imposed a snare and arrested Goyal in Ludhiana. "Searches made at Goyal's home also led to the recovery of Rs 5 lakh which was reportedly accepted as the first part of bribes in Chandigarh," the spokesman added.

The CBI has recorded calls from Goyal claiming kickbacks from Sharma on behalf of Dhillon. Initially, a bribe of Rs 1 crore was demanded and later the amount was settled with Rs 22 lakh.

In his complaint to the CBI, Sharma claimed that on 9 August he had a meeting with Goyal in a hotel in Chandigarh around 3:00 pm, where the last Rs took five lakh from him. Sharma told the CBI that he had the money under duress. He said that Dhillon had made him the main defendant in the torture case of Patwari Mohan Singh. Sharma had previously been acquitted of these charges.

However, after an investigation, Dhillon renamed him in the case. Sharma is currently on provisional bail.

CBI DIG Tarun Gaba had handed over the SSP's complaint to his team. In their report, the CBI officials said that the telephone conversation between Sharma and Goyal clearly confirms the demand for bribes by Goyal on behalf of IG.

The CBI then registered a case under the Prevention of Corruption Act and caught Goyal.

Dhillon, for his part, claimed that it was Sharma's attempt to put pressure on him. "I have answered all of the CBI's questions, Sharma wants to push me to drop the probe, but I will do my duty according to the law," he said.

Meanwhile, Goyal was produced in a CBI court that provided him with three days of prison detention.

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First published: 17 August 2018 15:35 IST

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