Demonetisation of the & # 39; largest scam & # 39; from the Modi government, says Rahul Gandhi

With a 15-kilometer-long roadshow in the voting district of Madhya Pradesh, Congresswoman Rahul Gandhi named demonetization Monday as the 'biggest scam & # 39; from the Modi government to turn black money into white.

Gandhi held the four-hour roadshow after running & # 39; puja & # 39; and receiving blessings from 11 priests.

The 48-year-old leader rode a bus through various areas of Bhopal and traversed the roads decorated with party banners as described by Mr. Gandhi as a Shiv bhakt & # 39; (a devotee of Lord Shiva)).

Virtual launch of the Congress campaign

The roadshow was the virtual launch of the Congressional People's Congress Campaign planned later this year, in which his party has the tough task of eliminating the BJP that ruled the state over the past 15 years.

Thousands of conference staff and local residents flanked the roads and caught a glimpse of Gandhi, who was accompanied by senior party leaders, including President Kamal Nath, and chairman of the national party campaign, Jyotiraditya Scindia.

On the way he stopped with tea and 'samosa & # 39; in a stall along the road at Sadar Manzil.

He also posed for a selfie with the owner of the teapot and his staff, told Congress MLA of Indore Jitu Patwari PTI.

Rahul addresses the public meeting

After the roadshow, Mr Gandhi addressed a public meeting in which he attacked the Modi government on demonetisation, GST, fighter planes and dismissal of farm loans.

"Demonizing was the biggest scam that the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken in four years and has not done the conference in the past 70 years," said the leader of the congress at BHEL Dusshera Maidan.

Mr. Modi had announced demetalisation on 8 November 2016, under which the existing banknotes of € 100 and € 1,000 were immediately demolished.

"The scam was meant to take money from the small traders to put in the pockets of 15 richest people in the country," said Mr. Gandhi.

He asked the meeting: "Have you put people like Vijay Mallya or Anil Ambani on hold after demonization?"

Only the honest people of the country stood in line, he said.

Vrij Exempt loans from 15 major industries & # 39;

He claimed that the BJP-led government waived loans worth ₹ 1.5 lakh crore, which was the NPA of 15 major industries.

He wondered why farmers' loans, which "borrowed only ₹ 5000," could not be canceled.

"Those who took out loans in lakhs and crores were referred to as" non-performing assets "(NPA) & # 39 ;, but if a farmer does not pay a loan of ₹ 5000, you call him & # 39; defaulter & # 39; , & # 39; Gandhi said.

"When the Congress comes to power in the country, it will abandon the entire loan of farmers." The Congress had already done so by previously abandoning farmers from a $ 70,000 loan. he.


He described GST (goods and services tax) as & # 39; Gabbar Singh Tax & # 39; and Mr. Gandhi claimed that it was also an attempt to take money from the small traders to be put in the pockets of 15 richest people in India.

Referring to Rafale's fighter plane, the President of Congress claimed that the Prime Minister had failed to see his (Rahuls) eye when he "interrogated" him in the Lok Sabha on the matter.

About Rafale deal

"When I was raising the issue of the Rafale deal in Parliament, I asked Modiji why his government bought these aircraft in ₹ 1600 crore instead of ₹ 700 crore, why he had given the contract to a company that owned was from Anil Ambani, "Mr. Gandhi said.

Mr Ambani has already rejected Rahul Gandhi's claims and stressed that the government played no part in the French company Dassault, manufacturer of rafaal, and picked up his company as a local partner.

"I looked into Modiji's eyes, but he looked straight, left, up and down and never made eye contact on the matter," Mr. Gandhi said.

He also said that if the Congress comes to power, it will ensure that mobile phones and other items are produced here under Made-in-Madhya Pradesh & # 39; and & # 39; Made-in-Bhopal & # 39; for generating jobs for youth.

Rahul performs & # 39; puja & # 39; from

Before he boarded a bus for the roadshow, Mr. Gandhi a & # 39; puja & # 39; and received blessings from 11 Hindu priests amid the singing of mantras.

The roadshow of Mr. Gandhi, after passing the main streets of the city, decided around 17.00 in the Dussehra Maidan of the Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.

A large number of security personnel were deployed along the route of Gandhi & # 39; s roadshow. In addition to the regular police force, another 1500 policemen manned the streets of Bhopal, police officials said.

Security personnel experienced a heavy time in ensuring a smooth passage for Mr. Gandhi's vehicle amid the busy roads.

Earlier Mr. Gandhi received at the airport by, among others, Mr. Nath and Mr. Scindia.

When he left the airport, dozens of congress staff who wore the party flag chanted & # 39; Rahul Gandhi Zindabad & # 39 ;.

The president of the congress has recently returned from a pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarovar. As part of the pilgrimage, devotees undertake a difficult journey to Mount Kailash, which is considered the residence of Lord Shiva in Hindu mythology.

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