DU AISA president says she was beaten by ABVP members

Violence at the University of Delhi

Delhi University (Image-PTI)


  • AISA president said that ABVP members use vulgar language to tease her
  • When she protested and gave the ABVP member a blow, he hit her back
  • She has issued a statement in which she told the incident

In another case of political clashes on the campus of the University of Delhi (DU), three student members of AISA, a wing of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) liberation, claimed that they were verbally abused and physically attacked by BJP & # 39; s youth wing, ABVP, members in the Kirori Mal College building on Friday. "We were also called urban naxals," said the victims.

A statement from Kawalreet Kaur, AISA president at DU, was: & # 39; On Friday I went to KMC with my two friends to meet a professor where I was confronted with a scandalous violent incident. saw our friends campaigning and joining them. Then we noticed that we were followed by four people from ABVP who constantly commented on us and threatened to leave us. "She continued:" I am studying at the University of Delhi and as a student leader here, I believe that I can move freely at my university without being stopped by ABVP. But we were constantly being abused by those people. When I asked them not to do so, they began to abuse me and humiliated me for my friends. "

"They used such shameful words to me that I can not spell here, I felt very humbled and provoked me so that my natural reaction was to beat him, which I did." Immediately, without losing a second, the man struck I was so tight that I lost my balance for seconds and I had tears in my eyes, "she continued. "After that the guy walked away and when my friend Dhiraj caught him, he was surrounded by at least 12-15 ABVP members just in front of the main entrance of the college."

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