ECI calls for political parties to meet to discuss the election process

The Electoral Commission of India (ECI) convened a meeting in Delhi on Friday 27 August of all national and state-recognized political parties to discuss issues related to the electoral process.

Given that the political parties are key stakeholders in the Indian electoral system, the ECO has held regular consultative meetings with all recognized political parties to give their opinion on several important issues.

The Commission has always sought to strengthen the democratic system of the country by improving its existing electoral system and practices.

All seven registered national political parties and 51 state political parties have been invited to participate in the meeting.

The agenda for the meeting includes the discussion of the reliability of voter lists – the ECI invites the views of all parties on measures to improve the accuracy, transparency and inclusiveness of electoral rolls in view of the forthcoming elections for Lok Sabha and the national assemblies.

With regard to gender representation in political parties and comparative international experience, the EBI would like to express opinions on measures that political parties can take to promote enhanced representation of women within the organizational structure of the political party, as well as in the selection of candidates for combating elections for legislative bodies.

Regarding the regulation of election expenditure, issues relating to spending ceilings for elections to the legislative assembly and limitation of spending on political parties will be discussed. The discussion on enforcement measures to ensure timely submission of audited annual reports, reports on election expenditure are also on the agenda.

The silence period of the election campaign – Recording of printed media within the meaning of Article 126 (1) (b) of the Representation of the People's Law 1951 and Issuing of online merchandise to promote the election prospects of a party / candidate on social media during the elections to damage the last 48 hours before the end of the polling will also be discussed.

Important issues relating to the conduct of elections, i.e. (a) alternative means of voting for domestic migrants and absent voters; (b) views and feedback from political parties regarding the functioning of the ETPBS scheme; (c) The opinions and feedback from political parties regarding efforts to encourage electoral participation of voters with disabilities will also be discussed.

Political parties' views and feedback will also be requested in relation to the Commission's efforts to extend coverage and encourage broad-based, inclusive election participation.

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