Fresh student quarrel on campus closes Sharda University until Sunday Noida News

LARGER NOIDA: Sharda University closed the Greater Noida campus until Sunday after Thursday's students were on campus on campus for the second time this week. Late in the evening a FIR was filed under accusations of riots and other parts of the IPC at the Knowledge Park police station against 350-400 unknown people.

"Because no one was ready to file a complaint, the police decided to place a FIR themselves.The accused will be identified using CCTV footage," said an officer at the Knowledge Park police station.

Fresh student quarrel on campus closes Sharda University until Sunday

Violence erupted on the campus, pounded by protests since Sunday, when an Afghan student was suspended after an argument with an Indian classmate, after a group of students suddenly started two freshmen students during a protest against the elimination of another youth from Afghanistan – one master student – due to his alleged role in the fight last Monday.

The private university had to cancel the exams for Thursday and postpone the current examinations.

It was not clear what the last provocation was. The atmosphere had become tense when a group of activists of a right-wing style Vande Mataram & # 39; and & # 39; Bharat mata ki jai & # 39; slogans to support the Indian students. Section of students joined the demonstrators.

It was speculated that the attack on first-year youngsters was the result of a wrong identity. The student who was beaten was Ehtesham Bilal, who comes from Kashmir and is in the first year of his BMIT training. The attack, on block 4 of the university, was recorded in a video. Ehtesham, who had injuries on his right elbow and head, said at least three students who attacked him had told him he should be canceled his admission. "I know the three students who attacked me, I can identify them, they were insulting and used anti-Islamic language," he said.

His friend Ubaid, also a first-year student, was also beaten up by the group. The police that were deployed on the campus could not prevent the violence. The university later called a meeting with students, police and the subdivision magistrate (Sadar).

The university has so far suspended three Afghan students after being seen in a video clip that struck an Indian student on Monday, during a quarrel that began with a minor problem and escalated quickly, but some of the students demanded more suspensions.

On Monday, Raheem suspended Khan, a first-year BBA student "because of a physical battle between BBA's first-year students for the Mandela hostel." Sadat Sayed Kashifi, a third-year BTech student, and Abdul Samim Qaderi, an MTech student who according to the university & # 39; was involved in the incident & # 39 ;, was also suspended on Wednesday.

Ajit Kumar, joint registrar and spokesman for Sharda University, said that although Samim was suspended on Wednesday, the order could not be communicated to students in time.

Some students, now alleged members of Rashtriya Swabhimaan Dal, including Deepak Sharma – who uploads abusive videos on social media about foreign students at the university – went to university on Tuesday evening.

"I read messages about WhatsApp and ask Indian students to meet at university on Thursday morning and to say that & # 39; these people & # 39; have to learn a lesson One of the students of a hostel seems to be close to Sharma his, who seemed to have access to the university, "said one student.

Ajit Kumar told TOI that the university had presented the matter to a committee consisting of three members, consisting of the dean (school of languages), main proctor and director (administration).

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