Gauri Lankesh Anniversary: ​​& # 39; I am Gauri & # 39; and "I also urban Naxal & # 39; calls together with activists on Lankesh & # 39; s death anniversary India news

BENGALURU: A year after journalist activist Gauri Lankesh was murdered outside her home town, activists and thinkers gathered at an event marking the anniversary and called for the transformation of her ideological struggle into a political movement. The clarion call comes only a few months before Lok Sabha polls. Participants also protested against the recent arrests of five activists from different cities on the grounds that they & # 39; urban Naxals & # 39; goods.

Swami Agnivesh of Bandhua Mukti Morcha said Gauri has become a symbol of bravery and freedom over the past year. "I am overwhelmed by the crowd at this event." Her movement, which has remained an ideological so far, must now be turned into a political one, "he said, even when the crowd" Nanu Gauri-Naavelluru Gauri "Sang (I am Gauri, we are all Gauri), and" Gauri amar Rahe "(long live Gauri).

Following Agnivesh & # 39; s views, Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani said that a political movement is the need for the hour to fight the incumbent government in the center.

"That there is a threat to the aspirations of the current government's democracy is clear," Mevani said. "There have been many examples, including judges from the Supreme Court who hold press to testify against the interference in the legal system that testify to this," he said.


Criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his cabinet to remain silent despite two attacks on him, Agnivesh said, "I was attacked and maltreated when I paid tribute to Atal Bihari Vajpayee, but even then there were no arrests in this case."

JNU study leader Umar Khalid said that there is an organized team that defames and defames the image of people who question the administration. "It's more than two and a half years since I've been branded anti-national," he said. "I may not have a 56-inch chest, but I have the backbone to question the administration, but the prime minister is without a body."

Several participants used the event to record their protests against the arrest of five activists last month of their alleged ties with Maoists. Renowned writer Girish Karnad, who even had a placard with the text & # 39; I too urban Naxal & # 39; around his neck, was present even though he was not good.

"What is horrible is that the police also accuse them of being" urban taxis ", which is a shame," said Karnad, "but the police directions were from the politicians."

Kavitha Lankesh, the sister of Gauri, said that the system her deceased father P Lankesh even a "urban Naxal & # 39; would have mentioned if he had lived today.

Mevani claimed that the use of the term "urban Naxal & # 39; a modus operandi of Modi is to get sympathy for the Lok Sabha polls.

"After the polls in 2002 they planted the news that Jihadists were attacking Modi to get sympathy, and today the Ambedkarite movement is portrayed as a movement of Naxalite," he said.

Former JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar said that the government only mentioned someone who is sufficiently educated to question the government, as & # 39; urban Naxals & # 39; and even & # 39; anti-Hindu & # 39; s & # 39; to share and to govern.

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