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KOCHI: The police suspect Thomas Mar Athanasios fell off the train after heavy jerking at the crossroads of the rail routing of trains to Ernakulam Junction Station and Kottayam after passing Ernakulam Town Station near Pullepady in Kochi. The police also check if another train ran across the deceased when his left leg was found on another track, separated from the body.

According to information from the railway authorities and police, Thomas Mar Athanasios traveled through Rajadhani Express and called his secretary to report the arrival of the train when crossing the Aluva train station between 3.45 and 04.00.

The train passed Ernakulam Town station (non-stoppage) at 4.12 am via the second track, which is used by trains running from the north. The train arrived at 4.20 am on the first platform of Ernakulam Junction Station.

The body of Mar Athanasius was found around 4.45 – 5.00 hours between the intersection between the second and the first track near Pullepady Railway Overbridge (ROB).

"Thomas Mar Athanasios was on the right side of the door of the AC compartment with three levels." The possibility is that there was a heavy jerk when the train crossed the intersection, since Rajadhani Express did not stop at Ernakulam Town station, the speed Athanasius at the door, lost the balance and fell off the train, for an 80- old person would be hard to resist the heavy jerk, "a policeman, told in case of accident on the spot

The body was between the tracks in the south-north position and the left leg separated from the body was on a different track. "Only after the postmortem can we confirm how death has taken place." Whether a train coming from the other passes over him, can not be confirmed now, usually the first runway is also used by the freight trains, "K Lalji, assistant police commissioner said.

No other passenger in the compartment where Mar Athanasius was traveling reported the accident when the train reached Ernakulam Junction station.

When the Rajadhani Express reached the first platform of Ernakulam Junction, the secretary of Mar Athanasius waited for him to receive. When Mar Athanasius was not found, however, they informed the authority. The corpse was spotted during the next search. It was later moved to the Ernakulam General Hospital where post-mortem was held.

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