High water level at Mullaperiyar Dam a major threat to Kerala people in the current scenario

New Delhi, 18 August: The worst flooding situation in Kerala claimed an enormous number of causality of human life. Although the government has deployed armed troops, paramilitary forces, the state police and many other government agencies and the National Crisis Management Committee (NCMC) to regularly review the situation and rescue and assistance measures in the affected areas, the threat remains.

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People involved in the Rescue Work in Kerala told One India that the devastation is enormous, because people would not have thought so huge flooding.

People who are close to the river lived, thought of the river that flooded an area of ​​1 kilometer and they had gone up to three kilometers, but it had overrun over seven kilometers on certain p laces make life impossible and cause enormous causality.

One of the officers involved in the rescue work said that flood-prone areas in Kerala are a bit prosperous, so they have two or three-storey buildings, poor people had left the place after the water level began to rise, but these middle-class people stayed in the hope that the water would soon disappear, so the victim among them is more.

Many fishermen involved in the rescue They are of the great help who have the experience of negotiating in the deep sea. It can also be seen that employees in RSS, conference staff and CPI (M) are too involved in the rescue and other help.

The first thing that is needed to get things normalized is that the rain stops. If the rain does not stop, it will get worse, but the biggest threat that Kerala people have to deal with is the Mullaperiyar Dam, which has long been a bone of contention between Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Kerala requires that when the water level in the dam is about 130 meters, but this must be released, but Tamil Nadu has ensured that no water is released, even after crossing 142 meters. It was released after the intervention of SC. But the threat is that if the British have built a dam that has already exceeded its 100 year age limit and will destroy any damage to the Dam 15 lakh people of the state.

He said there is a need to understand that everything is flooded in Kerala directly from rivers, channels to all water bodies, so that water can not go anywhere except when you enter the city. Kerala will have to build a dam on its territory to prevent this from happening, as heavy rainfall occurs regularly during the monsoon season.

With the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi 67 helicopters, 24 aircraft, 548 motorboats and thousands of rescue personnel of the Indian Navy, Army, Air Force, National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), Coast Guard, and other CAPFs, are in pushed the speed to save people and evacuate from submerged areas to relief camps and for the distribution of auxiliary materials.

Over 6900 people jackets, 3,000 lifebuoys, 167 inflatable tower lights, 2,100 raincoats, 1,300 rubber boots and 153 chainsaws were delivered according to the request of the state government.

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