Jaitley has to resign from the cabinet, says Rahul India news

NEW DELHI: Congress chairman Rahul Gandhi said Thursday that the logistics of Vijay Mallya & # 39; s escape had been discussed during his meeting with Arun Jaitley in parliament and demanded that he resign from the cabinet.

Rahul said that Jaitley should also clarify whether he allows Mallya to flee the country alone or acted on PM Modi's orders. "Mallya got free passage from the country by the finance minister, you did not stop him because you were conspiring with him, what was the deal? It's an open and closed case, the finance minister should resign," Rahul said. press conference.

After Mallya had fueled controversy by claiming to have met Jatley a day before moving to London, the Minister of Finance denied the version of the fugitive and said he had been arrested in the corridor in Parliament. Claiming that the Minister of Finance "lies" about the meeting as well as the Rafale deal, said Rahul Congressman P L Punia witnessed a "sit-down meeting" of 15-20 minutes between Jaitley and Mallya in Parliament's Central Hall.

Sitting next to Rahul at the press conference, Punia said on March 1, 2016, he saw that Mallya and Jaitley were talking intimately while standing in a corner of the central hall and they later sat down and continued their conversation. "It was a good meeting, you can watch the CCTV footage from Central Hall on March 1. Or Jaitley or I have to leave politics (if that is not true)," Punia said, adding that Mallya only went to the police for a day. ministerial session came for a day in 2016.

Rahul said it was a serious matter that the minister of finance, who was supposed to take action against economic offenders, did not inform the CBI, the ED or the police after the envoy had told him about his planned escape. Rahul raises the field and said that the Prime Minister decides everything in this government and that Jaitley only listened to him. The chief editor of the conference said that Jaitley wrote long blogs but did not refer to his meeting with Mallya in one of his articles. Punia said the minister had not mentioned the meeting for two and a half years.

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