Karnataka announces Rs 3,800 cash and food grains as first aid to Kodagu flood victims Bengaluru News

BENGALURU: The state government announced on Monday Rs 3,800 cash and food grains to each of the rain-affected families in the Kodagu district as a first compensation, in addition to insuring the construction of about 2,000 temporary sheds within a week for those living their homes have lost.

Each family receives five kg of rice, one kg of sugar and turf each, one liter of palm oil and five liters of kerosene in addition to cash compensation. There are about 6,500 people in shelters spread across the district. The CM visited the Kodagu district during the weekend and held a meeting with officials on Monday.

In order to guarantee maximum financial assistance to people, irrespective of their financial position, to rebuild their homes, Headminster Kumaraswamy told the reporters here that he had already asked the officials to prepare a detailed plan in this regard. "Until then, about 2,000 temporary aluminum barns will be set up within a week, and officials are already looking for the land," he added.

The government has also appointed the Kodagu district administration to provide jobs to people under the MNREGA scheme, adding that the textbooks are distributed to students free of charge. "Students in the Kodagu district have lost 20 days of teaching in August alone, and we asked the education department to hold special classes in the neighborhood," he said.

The Kumaraswamy described that situation in Kodagu as much more serious and serious than in North Karnataka in 2010, and said that the government will do everything possible to have Kodagu people rebuild their lives.

Declare that 123km roads and 58 bridges have been damaged in the Malnad region, Kumaraswamy said the government has sought help from the army's technical group to restore infrastructure and rebuild it on warfare. Infrastructure worth Rs 2,000 – Rs 3,000 crore is damaged according to the original estimates, he added.

The government has already moved five divisions of PWD to Kodagu to start road works. Work on restoration of electricity in the neighborhood is also being put on a war surface.

All people saved

Kumaraswamy said that the rain has been absorbed in the Kodagu district since Monday afternoon and that all people stranded in various parts have been rescued. "According to the information I received, all stranded people were rescued and moved to shelters, but I asked rescue teams to stay in the district for another 2-3 days as a precautionary measure," he added.

On one question, the CM said that he only approached the Center for assistance after receiving a detailed loss assessment report. "The growers of coffee and areca nuts suffered a great loss as a result of rain, I asked the civil servants to carry out an assessment of the loss, then I will approach the center, and I said the same to Prime Minister Narendra. Modes when he called me to know the situation in the state, "he added.

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