Kerala fights over the ground and disinformation on social media India news

NEW DELHI: While Kerala fights with torrential rains, unwise people on social media are a challenge for the authorities. The Indian army has warned of a scammer, wearing an army uniform, for spreading disinformation about flooding in Kerala.

In a tweet from the Additional Directorate-General for Public Information (ADG PI), the Indian army asked the population not to fall back on rumors about the military relief operations in Kerala.

The ADG PI Indian Army has further urged the population to report non-verifiable information regarding the Indian army that they receive on social media before they share it. For this the authorities have also shared a WhatsApp number (+917290028579) where people can send any message on social media if they find it unreliable.

The elucidation of ADG PI-Indian Army came after a video of a young man wearing an army combat uniform, went viral in which the man disinformed about the relief operations of the Indian army in Kerala, which has been hit by huge floods since the arrival of Monsoon.

The deceiver in the video reportedly said that people should not donate to the Prime Minister's Aid Fund because only the rich were hit by the floods in Kerala.

In light of various rumors about social media that prevent rescue operations, Kerala chief minister Pinaryai Vijayan on Sunday called on the population of the flood-stricken state to use social media cautiously to stop the spread of false reports about the devastation.

In the tweet, the head office emphasized that only those messages should be forwarded that are valid.

In another viral video, a helicopter pilot involved in rescue operations showed that people were waving to him, but when he asked people to get into the helicopter, they refused to say that it was only to get a selfie.

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