Kerala floods: precipitation may gradually disappear this week, IMD says

NEW DELHI: The rainfall in the flood-stricken Kerala will gradually disappear this week, which will bring some relief to the state that is currently living in the middle of one of the worst crises. Kerala recorded 164% surplus rain in this month alone, the weather agency said.

"The rainfall activity over Kerala is likely to gradually decrease over the next five days," said the Meteorological Department of India (IMD) on Sunday. Rainfall in Kerala this southwest monsoon season is "exceptionally high", according to the weather office – the state registered 2,346.6 mm rainfall between June 1 and August 19, against the normal of 1,649.5 mm.

Idukki and Palakkad are the two districts that have received the highest rainfall, with excess rains of 92% and 72% respectively. Kerala has registered monsoon registration above normal rainfall since the beginning of this season from June to September.

As a result, all the storage sites of the large reservoirs in the state were close to the entire reservoir level and had no buffer storage to accommodate the heavy inflow that occurred on 10 August. Unrelenting rainfall in the state has also damaged half the cardamom planted, in addition to affecting plantations of coffee, rubber and spices.

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