Kerala HC is considering Franco Mulakkal's anticipatory bail on September 25th Kochi News

KOCHI: The Supreme Court in Kerala said Tuesday that it will deal with the anticipatory bail that was filed by Franco Mulakkal, bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Jalandhar, accused of raping a nun in Kerala on 25 September.

Given the pre-arrest bail plea submitted by the bishop by lawyer Vipin Narayanan during the hearing on Tuesday, Justice Raja Vijayaraghavan V asked prosecution to let her views know before 25 September when the court would hear the arguments of both parties.

While the bishop has received a police notice to appear in the morning (19) for questioning, the investigation team is unlikely to register an arrest because the police are normally awaiting the decision of the High Court after an anticipatory bail order has been filed in court and the court will keep it under consideration.

The bishop argued before the Supreme Court that the complainant's allegations are fully compiled and only cooked to take revenge on the actions that the candidate (bishop) has instituted against the complainant's complainant. The complaint is a kind of afterthought and a cruel program to bring down the applicant who holds a very high position in the municipality. "

In the petition filed by lawyer Vipin Naraynan, a woman in November 2016 would have approached the superior general in Jalandhar and complained verbally that the nun has an affair with her husband. The superior general asked the woman to submit a complaint in writing. The woman sent a detailed e-mail with the full incidents, with attachments with a handwritten complaint, copies of chat messages and a photo of the nun that was picked up from the phone of the wife's husband, according to the petition.

The woman who complained was a relative of the nun and she threatened to reveal everything through social media. So the superior general met with councilors the bishop, who gave permission for conducting an investigation. On the basis of the interim research report, the nun was removed from her service in Kerala. The nun started making problems in the house of the mission in Kuravilangadu. After an investigation, she was transferred to Pariyaram, but she has not yet taken charge of medical disorders, as is claimed in the bishop's petition.

Further, the petition said that the nun and her family members had threatened the bishop with serious consequences if he continued to undertake adverse actions against the nun. There were threats that he will be mandhandled when he sets foot in Kerala. The PRO of the Episcopal House Jalandhar had filed a complaint with the head of the Kottayam police on 21 June 2018. It is after the filing of this complaint that the nun has made the false accusation of rape, the bishop has claimed.

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