Lord Balaji-temple Vedic ritual decision

Tirupati (AP), August 16th (PTI) A six-day Vedic ritual that is held once every 12 years, ended today at the famous hill sanctuary of Lord Venkateswara in nearby Tirumala.

About 40 high priests took part in the "Astabandhana Balalaya Maha Samprokshanam, stopping small cracks and holes in the sanctum sanctorum of the 2000-year-old sanctuary using a spice paste harder than concrete mix, in the midst of singing hymns," a temple officer.

The ritual started in the night of August 11 and as part of that priests also performed homesteads in 28 & # 39; homa gundams & # 39; (fire altars), each dedicated to a deity, built within the temple complex for the purpose.

six days of the ritual, the number of devotees allowed in the temple was drastically reduced and only 1.6 lakh had darshan of the presiding deity during the period when priests took breaks

Consequently, the collection in the & # 39; hundi & # 39; (offerbox)) also significantly submerged, he officially told PTI.

The collections of the hongdi yesterday recorded a low record of Rs 54 lakh.

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