Narendra Modi asks forensic experts to apply modern technology to ensure rapid justice in cases of rape

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked forensic experts on Thursday to apply modern techniques such as DNA profiling in cases of rape to ensure rapid justice.

He said the central government had approved the DNA technology (use and application) Regulation Bill, 2018 given the importance of DNA technology in forensic research.

"I call forensic experts to help the judiciary by using as much DNA profiling as possible, so that perpetrators of brutal rape cases are immediately punished and the victims get justice," Modi said during the speech to the 4th convocation ceremony of the Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU).

File of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. AP

File of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. AP

He said that technology should be used as much as possible to ensure a fast delivery of justice.

"To tackle the rapidly changing crime scenario, you also need to develop newer techniques to ensure that criminals are not spared," the prime minister said.

He said that criminals and their ways of committing crimes are constantly changing. "Forensic science, the police and the judiciary are three important pillars for safeguarding the criminal justice system, so that citizens feel safe and crime is kept under control," said Modi.

He said that Gujarat has chosen a holistic approach to the development of these three areas.

"Establishing the Raksha Shakti University, the National Law University and the Gujarat Forensic Sciences University are steps in this direction," he said.

It is a matter of pride that the GFSU achieved such a benchmark of academic excellence in a short time in which it was awarded an A rating by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, the prime minister said.

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In July 2018, the Union Cabinet adopted the Regulation on DNA technology (use and application) in July 2018, which is intended to extend the application of DNA-based forensic technologies to support and strengthen the country's legal system. .

"Given the importance of DNA technology in forensic research, my government has approved this bill, and the aim of the bill is to ensure that all DNA tests remain reliable and that data remains safe," said Modi.

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