Panchayat polls in West Bengal: SC allows 30 days to challenge the results India news

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court said Friday that a large number of West Bengal seats, which are not disputed, are a serious problem and give the injured people 30 days to challenge these results by submitting election applications.

The SC made it possible to report results of more than 20,000 panchayat chairs that were uncontrolled by TMC in May. However, these seats could be the center of an election request submitted by the party of the opposition parties.

However, the SC annulled the decision of the Supreme Court of Calcutta, making it possible to submit nominations electronically, including WhatsApp and e-mail.

The opposition had claimed that their candidates were being prevented from submitting nomination papers by the reigning Trinmool Congress.

Earlier on August 20, the Supreme Court said it would consider the issue that there was no contest on more than 20,000 seats in recent elections for local authorities in West Bengal.

A bank consisting of Chief Justice Dipak Misra and justices A M Khanwilkar and D Y Chandrachud had spoken out about the supplications of the West Bengal State Election Commission and parties such as the BJP and CPI (M).

Of the total of 58,692 messages for gram panchayat village, zilla parishad and panchayatsamiti, 20,159 remained undisputed in the violently marred local polls in the state held in May of this year.

The apex court had said that the problem of a large number of uncontested seats was worth it.

The opinion poll panel, however, argued that 33 percent of nearly 50,000 panchayat seats that were not contested in the state were not "an alarming situation."

It had cited Uttar Pradesh, where almost 57 percent of the seats in the panchayat were not disputed and the figure was 51, 67 and 27.6 percent respectively in Haryana, Sikkim and Andhra Pradesh.

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