Rafale deal: Minister of Defense suppresses facts about Rafale deal: former Minister of Defense

NEW DELHI: Senior Congress Leader A K Antony accused Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman of having suppressed the facts about the Rafale deal on Tuesday and asked why the government was horrified to set up a joint parliamentary committee to investigate it.

He also accused the government of being "guilty" of the "seriously compromising" national security in Rafale's fighter aircraft agreement.

At a press conference Antony rejected Sitharaman's accusations that & # 39; an unprecedented intervention by him in 2013 last nail in the coffin & # 39; placed when the cost discussion committee finalized the deal.

The former Minister of Defense accused Sitharaman of wanting to affect the image of the public sector Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) both nationally and internationally.

He also asked if the price of the Rafale fighter jets was cheaper than that of the UPA and why he did not buy 126 aircraft instead of 36 from the French manufacturer.

"The Congressional party demands that the Modi government publish the price of the Congressional UPA deal of 126 aircraft and the price of the 36 Rafale deals, including the price per aircraft of the same for the population's doubts. To remove India, let the Nation decide who is correct.

"Since then, the perception has grown that the purchase agreement of the government of the Modi government has more skeletons in its closet, let there be the Joint Parliamentary Probe (JPC) to bring out the truth," he told reporters.

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