The man lynched in the Biswanath district of Assam about the suspicion of lifting cows; three others injured

Biswanath: A 48-year-old man was beaten to death on suspicion of a petty smuggler, at the Diplonga Tea Estate in the Sootea district in the Biswanath district, early Wednesday. The man has been identified as Deben Rajbongshi of Gereki or Bholaguri Tea estate.

According to claims of the local population, a group of 20-22 people attacked the pig trade Papu Nayak, Phoolchand Sahu, Deben Rajbongshi, Bijoy Nayak and Pujen Rajbongshi with sticks, iron roads and machete while they were passing the No. 15 line of estate Diplonga Tea traveled, with two cows in a van.

  Representative image. Reuters

Representative image. Reuters

Diganta Kumar Choudhury, police chief inspector, district Biswanath said: "I received a phone call from officer-officer of police station Sootea that a group of people attacked five men in that area after a person Shankar Pati complained that two of his cows have disappeared in the stable of his house.After Pati had spread the news of his missing cows, the group intercepted the car of the five people who were traveling in, dragged them out of the vehicle and began attacking them. "[19659002] According to the local population, Papu Nayak fled the spot. while the crowd continued to attack the other four, even though they begged not to hit and said they would not steal.

The SP said the OC had told him that when he reached the crime scene he had seen the car, two cows and the four bleeding men. While he rescued the men and brought them to the hospital, the cows and the van stayed behind. The police did not confirm whether the cows were from Pati, who filed a missing complaint with the police.

Nayak, however, told this reporter: "We were going to buy pigs from a businessman, but we were attacked on the way by a group of people at the No. 15 line of Diplonga Tea Estate We did not have cattle in our bus. managed to flee from the spot after a man kicked me and I fell into a nearby dipstick, I kept running and saving my life, and later I went to the Sootea police station to inquire about the incident. the place left. "

The survivors were taken into the civilian hospital in Biswanath by the police. But Rajbongshi was taken to a private nursing home in the ward after his condition deteriorated and he eventually succumbed to his injuries in the evening. The police have indicated that the other three are stable from now on.

All five persons belong to the Adivasi community. Two cases were registered in connection with the incident in the Sootea police station under cases 126/18 and 127/18.

Mahesh Chatri, president of All Assam Tea Tribes Students Association, has demanded a quick investigation into the case. "They were very poor people who used to earn a living selling pork, they went to buy pigs from a person called Putul and he called them in the morning, they were attacked on their way back, and the crowd did not listen to their repeated plea to not to mistreat them, we strongly condemn the incident and urge the police to speed up the probe. "

A video of lynching has appeared that has been taken by one of the men present at the site. In the video, three people with torn clothing and blood are seen on their faces and bodies while they are squatting on the floor. Those who attack them continue to question the whereabouts of Papu, ask if they are Muslims and how would they buy a pig if they are Muslim? One of the bleeding men replies that they are not Muslims and have not come to Biswanath to steal, but only to buy pigs.

According to the SP, the investigation started and arrests will soon be made on the basis of the video and eye testimonies. Choudhury said: "Since these people work in tea gardens during the day, it takes time to search them and to reset the people involved in lynching, but they will soon be arrested."

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