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Chennai: disputing Kerala's accusation that sudden release of water from the Mullaperiyar dam was responsible for the Flood, the government of Tamil Nadu said Friday that it was "completely misplaced and contrary to the reality of the ground" . It argued that large dams in Kerala had heavy to very heavy rainfall in the current monsoon, which resulted in heavy flooding. Idukki dam only discharged 39.1 meters in 12 days, starting on 10 August. The Mullaperiyar dam is located in Kerala and is managed by Tamil Nadu.

Contrary to Kerala's statement to the Supreme Court, Tamil Nadu submitted data on "a sudden increase in liberation" from the dams Idukki and Idamalaiyar in the Periyar Basin to prove his point. Idukki district in Mullaperiyar & # 39; s downstream received "very heavy rain" from July.

The level in Idukki dam on August 14 was 2399ft against the full capacity of 2403ft, and the spilled was 1.6m. The release rose the next day to 13.79 meters, clearly seen on the data on the Kerala website . Similarly, the release from the dam of Idamalaiyar in the lower part of Periyar was zero on 14 and 15 August, but it rose to 4.1tm on 16 August and the release was sudden.

In total, the quantum released from the dams of Idukki and Idamalaiyar was between 36 and 36 meters between 14 and 19 August, while the liberation of the Mullaperiyar dam to the Idukki dam was much less in the corresponding period. "One can see that the flood surplus of Idukki dam is mainly due to the flows generated by its own river basin due to unprecedented heavy rainfall, while the contribution of Mullaperiyar dam is considerably less," said TN. When the level reached 140 feet (on August 15) in the Mullaperiyar dam, water was released through the spillway after giving sufficient flood warning for each foot of emergence and in the presence of Kerala engineers.

At a meeting on 17 August, convened by a subcommittee on disaster management, an SC order followed, Tamil Nadu said that the level could be maintained at 142 feet and "pointed out that any reduction of the permitted storage level would mean additional water being released. , exacerbating the Flood in Kerala ". After detailed consideration, it was decided that the reservoir was regulated in such a way that the level in dam 2ft-3ft remained below the permitted level of 142ft during the current period. That is why the level is up to 140ft.

In Trichy, CM Edappadi K Palaniswami said that Kerala had given incorrect information (to the SC) to prevent Tamil Nadu from raising the dam to 152ft. The very heavy rainfall saw all the dams in Kerala (in surplus) and flooded the state, he said, denying that the releases of Mullaperiyar had anything to do with it. Deputy CM O Panneerselvam said: "The collectors took precautionary measures to evacuate people, but the situation has changed and they are now blaming us."

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