Humanoid Justin prepares for realistic exploration & # 39; from Mars

Alexander Gerst, a stint commander at the European international space station ISS, is trying to establish his stores on Mars. Barley works with Justin, a humanoid robot who is trained to carry out assignments that can ultimately help realize this dream. Barley carried out several tasks earlier this week with Justin, where he led the robot from space with the help of a tablet.

Justin works entirely with Barley without any contact with the ground staff. This is the third experiment that the European Space Station has carried out.

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Barley has a tablet above it, on which he has a user interface that helps him direct the robot.

"This interface is very general, there are only very broad guidelines, for example:" Justin, Justin, go to this place "and then Justin must go there to orientate himself. would then plug in the solar panel to get a diagnosis and the robot should do all these things themselves ", says Gerst.

According to reports, Justin successfully succeeded in replacing a smoking solar battery in a station module

"The aim of the robot is to enable a realistic potential exploration of Mars in preparation for the possible introduction of humans on the planet ", according to the European Aerospace Center.

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Gerst's technology can also help solve problems that are dangerous to people.

Earlier this year, in May of this year, the German Aerospace Center was established introduced project – laugh that humanoid robots used to help people in the healthcare sector to help people with physical disabilities.

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