Pie in the sky – Dream of manned mission to come out

By 2022 ISRO is confident to realize a long-cherished dream: to give an Indian scientist the opportunity to create space on its own. The space research organization has become more powerful since it was conceived in the sixties. It is now positive about overcoming the challenges of steering a manned mission. The costs – Rs 10,000 crore – may seem huge, but the dividend would be worth 10 times the expenses.

To begin with, India will join the competition of the USA, Russia and China. When the USSR sent Yuri Gagarin into space in 1961, India had begun taking baby steps to realize his dream to enter the room. ISRO knows the variety of complexities that such a mission entails. These would be very different from previous missions to Moon and Mars. The space agency must develop a shuttle that returns safely to Earth with the astronauts in it. That is why ISRO must also provide earthy conditions in the spacecraft. The most important requirement is to develop a launch vehicle that can take heavy payloads into space. GSLV MK-III is ISRO's most powerful launcher so far, which can bring four tons of load capacity to the geostationary orbit and ten tons to the lower orbit around the earth.

For a manned mission, the "crew module" weighs a minimum of six tons. ISRO has been working on a manned mission for 15 years. The announcement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the Red Fortresses on 15 August is seen as a formal confirmation of the mission by the government at the highest level. Much depends on the success of improving the forces of GSLV Mk-III, which are of great importance for delivering heavier payloads deeper into space. It must have been assessed humanely before 2022.

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