UFO news: huge alien spacecraft spotted the night sky of California


YouTube: The Hidden Underbelly 2.0

Popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel & # 39; The Hidden Underbelly 2.0 & # 39; has recently uploaded a creepy video that shows a huge UFO flying silently over California's night sky. The object spotted in the video seems too big, and conspiracy theorists have quickly come to the conclusion that an alien mother ship has reached Earth.

The conspiracy theory channel reveals that the incident apparently happened on August 12, 2018. In the video, there is a gigantic object in the air and surprisingly it makes no sound at all. The shape of the object is similar to that of a disc and it reminds us of the flying saucers that we have seen in Hollywood sci-fi films. The object also has lights that are attached to the body.

The video was originally uploaded online by a Reddit user named Business1.

"My boss showed me a video of a strange occurrence last night and I told him I would upload it Reddit to see if we could get an explanation because it was frightening him … He took this video 10 : 28 PM PST on Sunday 12 August, "wrote Business1 in the video description.

The uploader also revealed that the object spotted in the sky was much larger than a helicopter, and as a result, the probability that the object is a drone can easily be rejected.

When the video went viral, viewers of the conspiracy tower channel proposed different for theories to explain this scary observation.

"Wow, great brother! Great catch! I do not see how they can explain this to marsh gas or Chinese lanterns," says Ben Driggers, a YouTube user. "Great, great catch, that's not a plane and no way to say it is, thanks for sharing," said Gina Santi, another YouTuber.

Although the uploader has rejected the drone angle, skeptics strongly insist that the object in the sky is a drone and they make it clear that the flying object looks bigger when the camera is zoomed.

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