Asian Games 2018: Magna Jakarta

Written by Shivani Naik

Published: September 3, 2018 3:01:08 am

Gold medalists Lestari Puji, Susanti Rahayu Aries and Sallsabillah Rajiah from Indonesia listen to their national anthem as they celebrate on stage. (Source: Reuters)

The first gold of Indonesia in Palembang came when Aries Rahayu Susanti, a jilbab attracted – a black hijab exactly – drew on a red national sweater and scaled a wall so accurately that the nation could not stop gouging and clapping when the gold was speeding came climbing. It was a stunningly fast climb to the top – all the more special when the silver went to an Indonesian, Puji Lestari, who wore a headscarf, both beating a Chinese.

This was next to the first gold medalist in Jakarta – Defia Rosmaniar, the taekwondo queen. At a time when there was a global debate about the headscarf, the 23-year-old gold medal winners in some of the most intense disciplines went on to win the top medals.

That, in combination with the range of Iranian medal winners – including the golden girls of the Kabaddhi – has shown that these women can not wait until the world resolves their fair debates about what women wear. There are medals to win, opponents have to be dominated.

There is a lot of talk about women who are not allowed to watch sports in the Middle Eastern countries. No such travesties in Indonesia. For four magical days Anthony Ginting and Jonatan Christie kept the country in a spell – and hundreds of women in headscarves pressing squares and the stadium, jumping, screaming and cheering for every point that the two singles players take the power of Asia. Christie first crosses himself and then bows down to his admiring fans the moment he wins.


China shifting rules

The first excitement at Jakarta's international airport was caused by no star athlete, but a star coach. Marcello Lippi had checked in, and football-crazy Indonesians were feeling sad, according to the winner of the World Cup winning Italian coach. He was here to watch the Chinese team coached by Massimilano Maddaloni.

Word that drips from China is that all those years of dominating badminton, table tennis, diving and gymnastics are all very good, but China is now longing for success beyond the medals of the Games. Of course they want to extend their power over sports, but football will be the next thrust for the country that raised its usual premium – 289 medals, of which 132 were gold. While the Chinese play basketball and volleyball here, the only team sport in which they really want to break is football.

While the women would pick silver, the men would not pass the Round of 16 and 3-4 to Saudi Arabia.


Sensational Salwa Eid Naser

The Chinese state television was looking for common ground with Indians in the athletics arena, hoping for a number of combined outrage against imported African athletes, which might have cost them some medals. The obvious was that Hima Das lost the silver medalist Salwa Eid Naser of the World Championship.

A little unnecessary, if you ask us, given that it was completely within the rules, and on a composed adult level, inevitable, given Salwa is where the Indian should go all year on the circuit and while he fights for the biggest events beyond the Asiad.

What was scammed was how in athletics there are final stages, and then there are the Salwa offsets – spurts of such sensational strength, strength and royal denouement that the Indian girl would learn that the Finnish finish of the U20- worlds simply is the start.

What Hima's advantage is, is how her arms swing fully, her body stays upright and the glorious action of the high knee with full extension of the hind legs.

A cursory look at Naser's World Championship numbers gives her the fastest acceleration in the world between 200 and 400 meters. Her splits at the biggest event were 12.01 seconds at 100m (where she was 6th), 11.49 at 200m (they walked to 4th), 12.43 at 300m and 13.93 where her acceleration was faster than even the gold medalist, although they miss gold. All in all, this was the best season of Salwa & # 39; s career.

The Asiad saw much of the same, while Hima was overshadowed both times, the two taking it up against each other. In her biggest race Salwa had remained fourth up to 370 m and came in second place in the last 30 m. It is as impressive as getting stairs.

It's time to get past the euphoria and start micro focusing on Hima's reaction time, intermediate times, average speed, total steps, step lengths and speeds, floor contact time and sweep time – when foot is not in contact with the ground . The big league is where Indians want to see Hima Das. And the Asiad and Salwa could not have picked it up quickly enough to put future challenges into perspective.


2032 hosting

The hitch on the last days of Asiad 2018 was about the Indonesian President Joko Widodo who told the IOC-head Thomas Bach that the country was ready to drop its name in the hat for the 2032 Games after a successful hosting of the Asian Games – in the short term came in after Vietnam had pleaded.

Now the dissemination of information about certain disciplines had been missed, a few sports of interest to India had not even been broadcast, and in general the two-city plan made the Games highly awkward. Indonesia has been blisteringly hot – not the best conditions for times of worldly defeat – and the traffic in Jakarta can live up to its name as the devil.

But those who are planning to take part in the competition – Brisbane-Gold Coast, a few German cities and of course India – do well not to wave the identity of Jakarta. The Games have passed without any serious accidents, Jakarta has a vibrant nightlife and the infrastructure around the Games clusters is seriously impressive, even if it may need to be pushed up in some arena's.

Just like Incheon, also in Jakarta, some stadiums would be half full, with badminton reaching a crescendo that only this country can handle. But the city has character, is firmly guarded, at night safe and above all attractive with its music and mischievous smiles. But everyone wears a helmet, the volunteers are incredibly helpful and there may not be a better country from the Islamic world – an open and cheerful society that did not fall short when it was called upon to step in.

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