England Pacers Wreak Havoc, India 46/3 at lunch

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Live updates between India and England, 4th test, day 4, straight from The Rose Bowl, Southampton

Lunch Day 4 – India 46 for the loss of 3 wicket. Need another one 199 runs to win with 7 wickets left.

17:25 IST: Review of Rahane! Original decision is out. Rahane survives. Again showing clearly shows that the ball hit its pads outside the line of off-stump. Sam Curran can not believe it. IND 45-3 after 19.2 overs.

17:15 IST: Huge attraction to LG and England have gone for the review! Original decision is not out. And the decision remains on the field. Ultra edge shows that the ball has hit the inside edge of Virat's bat before striking the pads. Moeen Ali is disappointed. Virat Kohli survives. IND 41-3 after 16.3 overs.

17:12 IST: Second over from Ben Stokes ends. Seven runs away from it. Both Virat and Rahane rebuild for India in the fourth innings. India needs 206 runs to win with another 7 wickets left. IND 38-3 after 16 overs.

17:00 IST: Bowling change for England! Moeen Ali introduced the attack. 30 minutes to have lunch. Can India avoid the fall of another wicket? IND 29-3 after 12 overs.

16:53 IST: Girl! There is an end to a new tightness of James Anderson. England is at the top right now. Both Virat and Rahane are under pressure. This cooperation is crucial for India. IND 25-3 after 11 overs.

16:41 IST: FROM! Second wicket for James Anderson. England pacers are on fire. Dhawan runs back after scoring 17 points. Sharp catch by Ben Stokes at the trench. India in all kinds of problems. IND 22-3 after 8.3 overs.

16:38 IST: FOUR! James Anderson floats on the pads and Dhawan throws it away in the empty mid-wicket region for four runs. IND 22-2 after 8.1 overs.

16:31 IST: FROM! Review of Pujara. Original decision is out. And the decision remains on the field. Anderson's delivery was just cutting the top of the middle stump. India is losing its second wicket. After having scored a century in the first, Pujara (5) disappointed in the second inning. IND 17-2 after 7 overs.

16:26 IST: Another tight end of Stuart Broad comes to an end. Both Pujara and Dhawan are very careful right now. Widely moves the ball pretty much. IND 14-1 after 6 overs.

16:16 IST: FOUR! Stuart Broad drives the ball to the pads and Dhawan throws it through mid-wicket region for a boundary. IND 9-1 after 3.5 overs.

16:11 IST: FROM! Stuart Broad draws first blood. Cleans KL Rahul for a duck. The ball remained quite low and Rahul missed him with a margin. IND 4-1 after 3.1 overs.

16:08 IST: FOUR! India is in their pursuit with a border. Thick outer edge of Dhawan and the ball goes through the empty channel to a border. Anderson is disappointed. IND 4-0 after 2.3 overs.

16:04 IST: Stuart Broad has been fired! Beautiful overwhelming delivery from Broad. Says a few words to Rahul in his sequel. IND 0-0 after 1.3 overs.

16:02 IST: Girl! A tight start from James Anderson. Stuart Broad shares the new ball with Anderson from the other side. IND 0-0 after 1 left.

15:58 IST: Openers Shikhar Dhawan and KL Rahul are central to the beginning of the chase for India. James Anderson starts the procedure for England.

Innings Break – England set a target of 245 for India in the fourth inning.

15:47 IST: FROM! Sam Curran is eliminated at 46 and England comes out at 271 in the second inning.

15:46 IST: James Anderson negotiates the last two deliveries of Mohammed Shami's over. ENG 270-9 after 96 overs.

15:40 IST: FOUR! Full-length delivery from Ashwin and Sam Curran hits the right for a limit. Curran continues to 44. ENG 268-9 after 94.2 overs.

15:35 ISTSam Curran plays Shami's hat-trickball with ease. It touches by covers for a single. ENG 262-9 after 93.1 overs.

15:31 IST: Turn from the other end! Ravichandran Ashwin will share the ball with Mohammed Shami.

15:29 IST: FROM! First ball of the fourth day and Mohammed Shami hits India. First baleend for Stuart Broad. Shami will be on a hat-trick for the second time in the next inning. NL 260-9 after 92 overs.

15:28 ISTSam Curran and Stuart Broad are central and start the fourth day for England. Mohammed Shami will hand over his last delivery.

14:30 IST: Hello and welcome to the live match updates of day 4 of the 4th test between India and England.

The game is expected to end on Sunday if the weather permits. This was Buttler's ninth test, fifty, and he showed many applications, although he suffered from the first enchantment of Ishant Sharma and Mohammed Shami. He survived a good spell of Shami's reverse swing and was ready to cut down on the shots of the wicket. He only played the episodes on the length to be driven because his 122-ball innings had seven limits. In fact, England was in trouble at 122 for 5 when Joe Root was eliminated for 48. The lead was less than 100 points but it was Buttler, who took the attack back to the opposition camp as Ravichandran Ashwin (35-7-78) -1) despite being economical, it was not half as effective as Moeen Ali. The off-spinner of Tamil Nadu could not use the footsteps of the trio of Mohammed Shami (3/53), Ishant Sharma (2/36) and Jasprit Bumrah (1/51 in 19 overs).

His only success was Stokes, who showed his defensive qualities in this series with a bit of stubborn resistance. He was finally caught in the slings of Ajinkya Rahane after a score that lasted 22 overs. However, Buttler continued to defy the Indian bowling players in the company of Curran because they also consumed almost 17 surpluses. In the end it was the second new ball to carry out the battle while Ishant put a corner kick into Buttler to catch him earlier. Curran, however, hit in a positive way and hit Bumrah for a few limits. Previously, India held the upper hand during the first two sessions on Saturday. A well placed carrot was back in the pavilion for 48 after Mohammed Shami's direct throw had found him for tea. After removing Keaton Jennings (36) at lunch, Mohammed Shami (2/40) was on a hat-trick when he shot Jonny Bairstow (0) from the very first post-break. However, Stokes and Root negotiated the Indian bowling pit for the next 14 overs before the skipper had not properly sharpened his club while he sprinted to the end of the striker.

Shami took a sharp and precise spell and did not give the batsmen anything. It could be seen in how England added only 60 runs in the session, never exceeded the scoring percentage, mainly because they were forced to rebuild the innings. The crucial moment came in the 46th when Shami picked up Root with a direct throw from center on. After that, Buttler and Stokes retired in an attempt to bring England back into the game. Against the tea, they had added 30 runs for the sixth wicket, with the score coming only in sprint. Ravichandran Ashwin (0-46) dared a long period in this second session and although he was wicketless, he kept it tight, admitting with only 2.2 per.

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