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JAKARTA: Since landing at Palembang on Tuesday, Zeeshan Ali is channeling his inner Bryan Mills, the character so famous by Liam Neeson in the Taken franchise. But with a small difference. Mills would promise by telephone to execute perpetrators of horrendous crimes. "(…) I will search for you, I will find you and I will kill you." Ali has also been on the phone a lot, but he has not left any threats on voicemail. Only calls that encourage players to come back to play for India.

After the failure of the entire settlement with Leander Paes, he was forced to go through the process with Sumit Nagal, who suddenly became dark the last few days. The 21-year-old, who would start working with Paes in doubles, would land in Palembang on Wednesday, but did not get his flight well, leaving a few hairy moments for an already heavily suppressed tennis quota. Nagal finally landed on Friday late, but his absence caused great confusion.

"He would fly from Hanover on Wednesday, but he called me and said he would leave later after terminating a previous contract, I have not heard from him since then, and I tried to call him up last night (Thursday). but his phone was turned off, maybe he's on the plane to Palembang, but I do not really know, "an annoyed Ali Express had told on Friday morning. Nagal's late arrival also complicated the composition of the second double team. "I have Saturday to 10 o'clock on the side, but without knowing where Nagal is, I can not do anything," Ali had said.

He now knows where the former junior Wimbledon doubles winner, but he did not have a single hit with the other members of the team. This is an obvious problem because Ali has no way of knowing who of Ramkumar Ramanathan or Prajnesh Gunneswaran will be more suitable for doubles with the boy born in Haryana. There is a feeling that the former, who are the highest ranked player and the chance to win a medal, are exempted from doubles, but Ali keeps all options open.

Ali also took the time to explain what transpired during a conversation he had with Paes before the 45-year-old passed on his decision to withdraw from the Games. "He told me he wanted to concentrate more on his rankings at this point in his career." Paes, who is still in Cincinnati, will soon fly to North Carolina to play in Winston-Salem Open next week.

While the 48-year-old said Paes & # 39; late withdrawal can not be viewed with suspicion because of his previous track record for the country, he wondered why Paes had not previously informed the management. "I'm still at a loss to understand this, why did he have to retire now? If he had transferred his decision to us about two to three weeks ago, we could have been in a position to call a double replacement. I can not do that now. "

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