Valiant India goes to South Korea in quarterfinals

A brave team India went on Monday with 0-1 to South Korea in the quarter finals of the AFC U-16 football championship in the Petaling Jaya Stadium. The battle of Jeong Sangbin in the 67th minute made South Korea a win. In 2002 India lost 1-3 points to the same opponents in the same phase of the championship. However, India fought hard on this day and did not surrender to the final whistle. The opponents dominated possession from the start, but self-assured defense with organization kept them at bay for some time.

Compact defending with numbers further frustrated the opponents, who scored twelve goals in the tournament before encountering this meeting.

The Indian team, which reached the quarterfinals for the first time in sixteen years, had finished out of the group stage as a Group C runner-up, with five points in three games, but even after giving South Korea a difficult challenge and calling them to the limit , could not be victorious.

In the 14th minute Niraj Kumar deserved an excellent save to deny South Korea up close.

Then, in the 34th and 36th minute, he made two back-to-back saves to keep India in play, while his dives failed to see the Korean shots from a distance.

India defended deep in the first half and put the opponents under pressure to give the ball away in the defending third.

In the dying embers of the first half Ravi Rana's remotely forced the Korean custodian to make a decent save when both teams entered the tunnel on a level-pegging while the score for half-way through the 0-0 noted.

After his transfer, India emerged with a lot of energy and almost caught the Korean defense in the 52nd minute, when Ridge De & # 39; Mello's first volley earned a decent save from the opposition squad after Vikram had him just outside the sixteen meters. found it.

Two minutes later, South Korea almost frightened India when a free kick attempt rattled the Indian bar and went out of the game.

64 minutes into the match, Niraj Kumar made a great dive and saved the Koreans from close range.

After 337 minutes without scoring, the Indian defense finally scored in the 67th minute when Jeong Sangbin got close after Niraj Kumar had eliminated a poisonous shot.

Encouraged to find the equalizer, the Indian stallion started his own attacks, but the Korean line of defense held out.

Vikram Partap turned out to be a threat past the flanks, but all the available possession of the ball meant he could not find a clear chance for scoring.

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