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The Google for India event that took place on 28 August in New Delhi, today announced several new technological developments and milestones in its ecosystem. This includes various projects such as Google Station, Google Maps, the Google Tez payment app now called as Google Pay, among others.

Google for India. Google.

Google for India. Google.

Google Station works together with Andhra Pradesh

Google is working with Andhra Pradesh State FibreNet Limited for its Google Station project to provide high quality internet services to 12,000 villages, towns and villages in Andhra Pradesh.

Google Feed

A user's Google Feed usually contains topics of interest to the user, new that may be of interest to a user. Initially, this feature was only available in English, but now Google also brings this feature into Hindi, allowing people to read news articles in their native language.

In addition, it will also bring 1,00,000 Indian publishers through the Navlekha Project, which will help Hindi publishers start their website and publish it on brand domains.

Google Go

From now on, the Google Go app can open and listen to every web page in English, Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam and Tamil. As the voice reads the page, each word is highlighted. Because the Google Go was introduced for areas with low internet connections, this feature is also available on the 2G network.

Google assistant

Google's software engineering director, Pravir Gupta, has announced that Google Assistant will also be available in Marathi, except in Hindi and English. It announced integration with Where is my train, Airtel and Hello English.

Google Maps

As this is the tenth year of Google Maps in India, Vice President Gayathri Ranjan has announced new features. Cards are now equipped with voice guidance while traveling with public transport. It also sends warnings regarding an upcoming stop or when you need to get off.

It has also entered into a partnership with RedBus to offer intercity bus routes.

Google Tez is now Google Pay

Google's payments vice president Caeser Sengupta has announced that the payment app in India has been renamed Google Pay. The change has only come in terms of the name and the rest of the functions remain the same. It will extend the services to users for payments in stores and via online, for traders and for individuals in need of direct loans. It has announced a partnership with banks such as Federal Bank, HDFC, Kotak, ICICI.

A reaction to the future of the internet in India Rajan Anand, Google, vice president of India and Southeast Asia: "Voice is the favorite way of using new internet users, we see a large increase in voice query in India and online video now accounts for 75 percent of all mobile traffic And as far as the local language is concerned, most internet users today are users in the Indian language, a number that is expected to reach 500 million plus points in the next two years, with 95 percent of video usage in the vernacular. "

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