Google helps Fortnite with a security flaw. Epic Games blames Google for sharing it publicly

When Epic Games decided to keep Fortnite for Android, exclusively for its own website and not for Google Play, it was estimated that Google would be the most hurt by this decision, and that is a loss of at least $ 50 million in platform revenue costs. The Fortnite for Android, the installer has since been available to download from Fortnite website instead and Google screamed about warning users that it could compromise security.

Even further, Google recently discovered one of the potential risks in the Fortnite installation app. In accordance with the company, the exploit would be the Fortnite Installer to install a fake APK instead with all permissions that should normally be announced by the user.

"If the fake APK has a targetSdkVersion of 22 or lower, all permissions requested during the installation will be granted. This vulnerability could allow an app on the device to Fortnite Installer to install a fake APK instead with all permissions that should normally be released by the user, "says Google Issue Tracker.

Google discovered the vulnerability on August 15 and informed Epic Games of the same problem. The problem was immediately resolved by Epic Games and a patch was rolled out within 48 hours.

Google was supposed to observe a deadline of 90 days before publication details were made public, and Epic Games had also asked for the same, but Google made the problem public and made it Fortnite developers furious. The company then struck Google for its "irresponsible" behavior.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney in a response to Mashable said: "Epic appreciated Google's efforts to conduct an in-depth security audit really Fortnite immediately after our release on Android, and share the results with Epic so that we can quickly update to fix the found error. […] However, it was irresponsible of Google to make the technical details of the error public so quickly, while many installations were not yet updated and still vulnerable. "

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After Sweeney's statement, Google also responded with a comment: "User security is our top priority and as part of our proactive malware monitoring we have identified a vulnerability in the Fortnite installer. We immediately notified Epic Games and they solved the problem. "

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