Halo Infinite is "The Next Chapter" in The Halo Story, Says Developer

"Do not see it as a weird prequel-like affair".

  Halo Infinite

Halo: Infinite looks great and also looks exciting in what it apparently looks like going back to the roots of the series, and going out in the direction of the last few entrances had taken, which had caused so much fanfence. But what exactly is it? Are we looking at the next important Halo entry? is it just a spin-off? The name does not seem to indicate the main line, right?

Back on E3, 343 Industries had explicitly confirmed that the game takes place after Halo 5 . Now, during a Mixer broadcast, head author Jeff Easterling explicitly said that the game Halo 6 is anything but the name. "It is Halo 6 ", he said. "Do not think of it as a weird prequel kind of thing, it's the next story, it's the next chapter in what's going on."

343 Industries studio head Chris Lee added that he hopes the game will go in new and unexpected directions, which, to be honest, has not been a problem with the last couple of Halo games. The problem is that the directions that 343 has chosen simply did not resonate as well with fans as the Bungie time games did. May Infinite brings back the greatness to which the series was once known.

Halo: Infinite is ever introduced on Xbox One and PC.

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