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BHUBANESWAR: Tap to pay – a contactless payment technology that allows transactions with just a tap on the payment device instead of a card swipe – is not only a cool craze, but a clear wave of the future.

More and more banks are lining up to roll out contactless debit and credit cards to meet the Reserve Bank deadline of December 2018. Experts say that contactless payment fraud does happen, but is rather rare
which is a bit known, is that NFC payments (near-field communication) already work on a majority of card machines.

Most retailers now have point-of-sale POS devices that support NFC payments, but they generally do not know how to use it. Although the total number of these payments remains low, developers of PoS machines say they see a 10-15 percent increase in NFC payments each month. To begin with, if you recently applied for a card, chances are your card supports NFC. Just pay attention to the NFC icon on the back.

How it works

NFC is simply a contactless transaction that allows short-range data transfer without having to touch the PoS device. You may already have used Paytm tapping cards. In the same way, these cards are also provided with an NFC chip – a small circuit that transmits the data wirelessly to the payment gateway without having to swipe or insert.

You need a credit or debit card that includes NFC or a payment app such as Samsung Pay, as well as a phone that supports NFC payments. If you do not have an NFC card, you can call the bank and always ask for a replacement, because the new cards that are issued can be made NFC or contactless.

For Samsung Pay users you can simply whisk your phone near the card terminal, which will prompt you to remove & # 39; card & # 39 ;. That is it. The payment is completed. You are probably used to waving your phone before you enter the amount on PoS devices. This works because Samsung Pay imitates magnetic swipe cards, which other payment apps can not. This is just as safe as NFC, but you usually have to enter your PIN code.

However, if you first have the & # 39; sale & # 39; selects in the device, which is usually the first option, and then pays with NFC after punching in the amount in the PoS machine you do not have to pick up your pin code.
Try it the next time you visit a department store.

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