Nab Cyber ​​Monday Deals on Chromecast, Google Home Devices News and opinion

If you're looking for an affordable way to stream video, listen to music on demand or operate your smart home with your voice, these Walmart Google Cyber ​​Monday deals are hard to beat. Chromecasts, Home Minis and Home Hubs are all for sale, but these discounts do not last long.

  • Google Home Mini Smart Speaker, Chromecast and $ 15 Vudu Movie Credit for $ 45 at Walmart (MSRP: $ 74): With just $ 45, this bundle is an incredible value for new users. Enjoy a voice controlled smart speaker, a Chromecast that can be controlled with the Home Mini and a $ 15 credit for digital movies.
  • Google Home Hub Smart Display and $ 10 Vudu Credit for $ 99 at Walmart (MSRP: $ 149): Smart speakers are fun, but sometimes a screen is needed to get information quickly. Not only can you save $ 50 on this smart screen on the Home Hub, but you'll receive a $ 10 credit for the Walmart streaming service.
  • Google Home Mini Smart Speaker and GE C-Life Smart Bulb for $ 31 at Walmart (MSRP: $ 55): Smart speakers are able to offer so much more than just playing music or answer questions about trivia. Unpack this Home Mini- and smart lamp bundle with a 43 percent discount and you can start the transition to a voice-controlled smart home.
  • Google Chromecast Ultra 4K streaming media player for $ 49 at Walmart (MSRP: $ 69): If you have a 4K television, you want to take full advantage of this 4K Chromecast Ultra. Stream full 4K video directly from your phone or laptop.
  • Google Chromecast Audio Wi-Fi streaming adapter for $ 15 at Walmart (MSRP: $ 35): Invest in this little gadget and you can stream your favorite music to almost any device that accepts 3.5 mm aux cables.

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