Patanjali's Kimbho application disappears from the Google Play Store

New Delhi, Aug. 16 () Patanjali Ayurveda's messaging application & # 39; Kimbho & # 39; today was dropped from the Google Play Store the day after the beta version of the beta was introduced on the platform. Baba Ramdev said it was a conspiracy by multinational companies versus Swadeshi and said the application would soon return. "# Patanjali #kimbho App was falling victim to the conspiracy of foreign companies #MNCs. We are sorry for the inconvenience and will soon return," said Patanjali Ayurved's spokeswoman S Tij Tijarawala.

When he contacted, Tijarawala stated that Google had removed the trial version of the "Kimbho" application without mentioning any reason.

"We're communicating with them and asking why it was removed from the Play Store," he added.

Emails sent to Google did not trigger an answer.

Yesterday, Haridwar's company put Kimbh's trial version at Google Play Store for download almost two months after it was swiftly switched.

He also said that the application will be officially launched on August 27 after fixing the disadvantages.

On May 31 this year, Patanjali abolished Kimbho, meaning "how are you" or "what's up" in Sanskrit, from the Google Play Store and the App Store App, just one day after launch, saying that it was issued only for one day trial.

At that time, a number of technical specialists pointed out security vulnerabilities in the application.

Patanjali poses "Kimbho" as a competitor on Facebook Whatsapp. Patanjali, renowned for his FMCG product range, claimed that Kimbho had witnessed around 1.5 light downloads in the first three hours. KRH ABM ABM

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