PUBG Mobile passes 100 million downloads, celebrates this by hiding in a bathroom

PUBG Mobile has surpassed 100 million downloads on iOS and Android. Publisher Tencent Games revealed that it has ripped past that milestone in less than 4 months since its debut on smartphones and tablets. PUBG Mobile competitor Fortnite beat 100 million downloads on iOS at the end of July, according to the data tracking service Apptopia.

PUBG Mobile is a scaled-down version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds from The PUBG Corporation. That gunman in military style ignited the genre of the fighting generous, in which a hundred players land on an island and win by defeating everyone else in a fight to death. In March, PUBG made the leap from PC and Xbox One to iOS and Android, and it has already generated more than $ 50 million in revenue, reports sensory company Sensor Tower.

"We want to thank our dedicated Lightspeed development team and thank Quantum Studios and especially the dedicated players around the world who continue to inspire us with their passion and dedication," said PUBG Mobile General Manager Vincent Wang. "We will continue to set the bar for mobile gaming and want to deliver even more great content to our players later this year."

That new content would help PUBG Mobile earn even more money. When it debuted, it contained no in-game purchases, but the developers have since introduced cosmetic items that allow players to customize their characters. In June, spending on PUBG Mobile increased by a 365 percent increase thanks to the launch of a premium progress pass that is popular with other generous shooters such as Fortnite.

And during this month PUBG Mobile has collaborated with Paramount Pictures for a sponsored event based on the hit Tom Cruise action film Mission: Impossible – Fallout .

Although Fortnite has won the popularity contest (and all the money that goes with it), developer Epic Games takes a chance when it comes to the Android version of that competitor. Instead of launching through the Google Play Store, Epic is launching its own launcher that fans have to download and install separately. That could give PUBG Mobile a head start on Google's mobile operating system.

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