The Pixel 3 XL has leaked more than any other major smartphone in the recent memory, thanks to pre-production units that are unboxed and tested in the wild. If you somehow need more proof that the phone exists, or you just enjoy seeing these leaks, like me, someone left a pre-production unit in a Lyft.

These images have been sent to us by a reader, who will be referred to as Anonymous alligator in this post. Alligator is a Lyft driver, who found the phone in the backseat of his car after he had dropped off a few passengers. He thought his own Pixel 2 XL had fallen back in some way, but he realized it was the 3 XL after seeing the notch and the Google logo on the back.

The unit had several identifying stickers that were blocked. Alligator sent the phone back to the original owner a few minutes later.

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