The Nikon Z7 is better than you might think

Nikon's full-frame mirrorless announcement has left the photography world, say, without flop. But while many of the first reviews quickly point to the shortcomings of the Nikon Z7, Kai Wong's practical impressions give a much more positive view of Nikon's exciting new platform.

Wong had his hands on the Nikon Z7 last week and while he took note of the camera's disappointing single memory card slot – a source of much disregard for Nikon's entry into mirror-free images – he was much more focused on what the camera was good at. is doing. Namely, fast, accurate autofocus, its ability to shoot video in 4K (external), and its excellent build quality and ergonomics.

Furthermore, Wong points out that the camera with a 55mm-barrel is well equipped for the fast glass that Nikon wants to release next year, including the 58mm f / 0.95 S lens. Wong also flips over the electronic viewfinder and the non-reflecting, tiltable 3.2-inch LCD screen.

So, while many reviews have told us that all areas where the Z7 (and Z6) fail, perhaps not quite bad.

What do you think? Does Wong's review show that you are buying a Z7, or are the errors, such as the single memory card slot, too much for Nikon to make your money? Post a comment below and let us know if you are going to dive completely in mirror image with Nikon.

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