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Do you remember the early days of cameras, where the only thing that mattered was the megapixels? Forget about the things we have today, such as optical image stabilization or zoom lenses – whether you had two or three megapixels, the only thing that determined whether or not you had the best Windows Mobile 6.1 device.

Well, it seems that meaningless specifications might be back. A new set of LG's upcoming LG V40 ThinQ has appeared, and if they can believe, LG goes beyond quality with five separate image sensors merged into one body.

The images come from MySmartPrice, and it appears that the press is displayed, showing the front, back and sides of an unreleased LG phone. According to the site, it is the LG V40 ThinQ, which exactly matches what we have heard in previous rumors.

Image source: MySmartPrice

The detail that first jumps out of the renders is definitely the number of cameras & # 39; s. The back of the phone has three lenses in a light bulge, all of which are next to each other. There is a fingerprint sensor underneath, with the V40 branding underneath and the LG logo at the bottom. In other words, it is not exactly a minimalist design.

At the front is a prominent "chin" ring at the bottom and a now infamous gadget on top. That notch looks like it still has two cameras and a speaker. Hopefully one of those cameras is a depth-sensing infrared sensor, which LG could use to mimic Apple's Face ID. One thing we do not know is how far the edge of the top of the screen reaches to the top of the device. The side housings are relatively minimalistic, so we hope that the relationship between screen and body is respectable.

The renderers also have a date and time on the screen of the phone, which sometimes has to do with the launch date of a device. That date is November 16, which is plausible, but a detail like that of a presumed press release is about the least reliable source that we can imagine.

Image source: Jacob Siegal / BGR

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