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& # 39; Looking at the Earth from space can change the world & # 39;

JakartaVirgin Galactic wants more people into space, one of which is to give a different perspective on planet Earth to make the world a better place.

This British aerospace company is certain of its "impact overview". That is watching The earth as it is, a beautiful place full of life that only looks and wavers in a quiet space, the perspectives of people about the world in which they live can change enormously.

"The more people see the earth from above, the more changes you make on Earth," said Virgin Galactic President Mike Moses. spaceOn Monday (02/11/2019).

"You take home & # 39; space & # 39; back home and that gives a person a much greater perspective than you've ever had, I think that's the future," Moses continued.

Virgin Galactic itself is developing space shuttle they are commercial. In December 2018, the Virgin Galactic supersonic spacecraft managed to reap new benefits by penetrating the edge of space. This success makes the company a millionaire Richard Branson the closer to his ambition to bring tourists into space.

The missile plane, called VSS Unity, was flown by two experienced pilots by penetrating a maximum altitude of 82.7 kilometers. That is to say, VSS Unity has surpassed the edge of the sky which, according to the government of the United States, is at an altitude of 80 kilometers.

Air tickets to space by Virgin Galactic are sold for USD 250,000 for flights of around 90 minutes. More than 600 people have bought tickets so far. However, the company wants to reach more people.

"Our future is here to create opportunities for everyone to experience space in the air, to see the earth from above," he said.

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