Accompanied by extreme weather, there is a Panumbra lunar eclipse on November 30

NEWS REFERENCE – The Penumbra Lunar Eclipse, a phenomenon in the night sky, will occur in late November 2020.

The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) has announced on its official website that the Panumbra lunar eclipse will occur at 2:32 PM WIB.

The Penumbra lunar eclipse was seen in the Central Indonesian Time zone (WITA) at 15.32.21 WITA, and in the Eastern Indonesian Time zone (WIT) at 16.32.21 WITA.

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Then the Peak Eclipse Phase (Peak) can be observed in the WIB zone area at 16.42.48 WIB; the WITA zone at 5.42.48 WITA; and the WHITE zone at 6.42.48 WHITE.

The Eclipse Phase Ends (P4) can be observed in the WIB zone area at 18:53:20 WIB; the WITA zone at 19.53.20 WITA; and the WHITE zone at 20:53:20 WHITE.

Reported from the official BMKG website, the Panumbra lunar eclipse occurs when the position of the Moon-Sun-Earth is not exactly aligned. This puts the moon in the shadow of Earth’s partial shadow only.

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As a result, the moon will look fainter in a solar eclipse than when it is full. As for the solar eclipse, it is an event that the sunlight from the sun is blocked by the moon so that not everything reaches the earth and always takes place during the new moon phase.

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