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According to the study, men with beards have more bacteria than a dog: Okezone Lifestyle

beard considered a body part that can give a masculine effect to anyone who has it. Many people keep beards as one of the sunnah or just to preserve the aesthetic. However, a recent scientific study found something new that was really shocking.

The study claims that men with beards have on average more bacteria in their bodies than dogs. This research was written by a Swiss professor named Andreas Gutzeit and published in the medical journal European Radiology.

This magazine is a multi-center study to establish the fact of cleanliness between a dog and a man. This study is intended to determine how hygienic is between dogs and people using an MRI machine. The researchers compared bacteria found in colonizing units of human pathogenic microorganisms.

Taking samples based on samples consisting of 18 men and 30 dogs. They then compared the level of bacterial contamination with MRI scanners shared by dogs and humans. This is where the researchers were confused, even though they were routinely cleaned, but the scan showed that the number of bacteria in animals was much lower compared to humans.

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As reported by VT on Friday (4/19/2019), when they analyzed the level of contamination for each man, they discovered that a bearded person had more bacteria that entered the machine compared to people who had no beards or dogs. However, not everyone believes in the results of these studies.

In an interview with the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, Keith Flett, the founder of the Beard Liberation Front, said research should take samples of someone's unsanitary beard and hand to determine if the root cause of the bacterium is accumulation.

"I think it's possible to find all kinds of unpleasant things, you have to take samples of human hair and hands and test it." I do not believe that a person's beard is unsanitary. "There seems to be a continuous stream of negative stories about beards showing pogonophobia instead of things another," Flett explained.


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