Answered mystery Police killed as a result of Gunshot Wounds to Head

Finally, the cause of members of the Regional Police Anti-Terrorism Task Force of Metro Jaya, Bripka Matheus De Haan (54), was killed on the cemetery of Mutiara Mutiara, Pancoran Mas, Depok, West Java, Monday (31/12/2018) night , due to a gunshot wound to the head.

The latest facts of the Bripka Matheus case, killed with gunshots in the cemetery, can also be answered by reading this news to the end.

Head of the Forensic Installation of Kramat Jati Police Hospital, Sr. Comr. Edi Purnomo said, the cause of the death of Bripka Matheus was caused by gunshots (senpi) with a gunshot wound on the head.

"The wound was caused by rifle fire that broke the head. Knowing shot wounds to the head, did not know which shot was from, but it was translucent," said Edi when confirmed, Tuesday (1/1/2019).

From the results of the autopsy, said Edi, he found no other injuries on the body parts of the victim.

"Gunshot wounds in the head, there is only one wound in the head There are no other injuries on other parts of the body," said Edi.

4 facts police members Bripka Matheus killed

The following are the latest facts about Bripka Matheus summarized by Tribunnews ( group):

1. Once sent to crush GAM in Aceh

Bripka Matheus De Haan (54), a member of the Indonesian national police who was found dead in the yard Mutiara Mutiara, Pancoranmas, Depok, West Java, was sent to Aceh in 2001 for operations to promote the Free Aceh Movement (GAM). to treat

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