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Asked about the sign of judgment, this is the answer of NASA scientists

Judgment on earth is a necessity. Although unpredictable, scientists have found an indication for this.

Directions are obtained from L2 Puppis, stars like the sun, which are now 10 billion years old.

Like L2, over five billion years from now, it is predicted that the sun will die. After the run-down of hydrogen fuel, the sun will start to burn elements that are heavier in nuclear fusion.

When the process takes place, the sun will swell & # 39; and the bulk of the constituent material will be emitted into space by star winds. (stellar wind) that blows hard.

Imagine, the sun will be about 100 times larger than it is today, and becomes a so-called red giant.

The dramatic expansion makes the two closest planets, Mercury and Venus, & # 39; sacrifice & # 39 ;.

What will happen to the earth? Will the human planet – which is the third planet of the sun – suffer the same fate as Venus and Mercury being swallowed up by a super hot ocean of plasma?

Or will the earth escape the most terrifying phase of the death revolution and continue the orbit around the remaining red dwarf star of the sun?

"We already know that the sun will grow and become brighter (when it enters the red giant phase). This will probably destroy all forms of life on our planet," said Leen Decin of the KU Leuven Institute of Astronomy in a statement, as quoted from the scientific site Space.comOr, in other words, people, animals and plants disappear.

The earth is no longer blue. The only thing that remains is the point. Dry and dry.

Through L2 Puppis scientists see a glimpse of the image of the future and the most important part of the life cycle of a star that looks like the sun.

And when the sun finally meets, the earth may not sink into a bubbling hell in the form of a swollen star. Life will not, however, remain on the human planet.

What is left of the earth is a rock core that has been peeled and roasted. Perhaps that is the image of the end of the planet for people.

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