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Bawaslu: We have been warned so there is no campaign on Tabligh Akbar Slamet Ma & # 39; arif

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Member of the election organ (Bawaslu) Solo Poppy Kusuma claimed that his party had warned the grand commission of the tabligh that the vice-president of the National Winning Body Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno, Slamet Ma & # 39; arif presented as a teacher, so that was not a political campaign.

However, it turned out to be ignored. As a result, Poppy said, Slamet was a suspect in electoral crime.

He reportedly campaigned without a schedule and carried out insults and incitement during the big event at Jalan Slamet Riyadi, Solo, Sunday (02/13/2019).

"Bawaslu has actually prevented the committee verbally that no campaign or speech should be addressed to one candidate at the time of the general election," Poppy said when he was contacted on Monday (11/2/2019).

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"But it turned out that it was indeed in the days of the general public that we had sent the video," he continued.

Poppy explained, the permit that was then submitted by the committee was to hold a large meeting, not a campaign.

However, the speech of the Vice-President of the Alumni Brotherhood could be a form of campaign because there was an invitation to elect the Vice-presidential candidate couple number 02.

The campaign of Slamet is classified as a method to hold public campaigns. This method can only be carried out 21 days before the end of the campaign period, namely 24 March – 13 April 2019.

Rally is a campaign method that is performed in an open space and can be attended by a limited mass.

"If the rally is identical to the campaign that is out there, open with a large number of participants, with the same vision and mission between the orator and the participants," Poppy said.

Poppy explained that during the Slamet Tabligh Akbar event he had called for & # 39; 2019 Change of President & # 39 ;. The appeal was welcomed by the participants.

"At that time of the orator and of the participants they had the same vision, because when Mr. Slamet Ma & # 39; arif delivered the change of the president, (he said)" & # 39; 2019 what? & # 39 ;, (participants) answered "change the president" (Slamet calls out) & # 39; For whom is it intended? & # 39 ;, answered (participant) as Prabowo, "he said.

Slamet also said that he would not portray a picture of the president and the clergy, but should sketch a picture beside the president and clergy.

"If there is a photo of the president, do not do anything, because later on it will be the subject of the article, because it can not damage the image of the president, and if there is a picture of the clergyman, do not do anything, because later he qualifies.poke, "Poppy observed Slamet's speech.

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Upon investigation of the Bawaslu, Slamet would have met the element of alleged violations. Moreover, the Bawaslu investigation was transferred to the police.

Surakarta Polresta raised Slamet Ma & # 39; s status as witness of suspects after the general president of PA 212 had conducted a series of case proceedings on Friday (02/08/2019).

Slamet violated article 521 in conjunction with article 280 paragraph 1 letter c, d, f and article 492 of Act No. 7 of 2017 on elections.

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